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Vol. 17, Number 3

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International Chapter Is Given the 'Gift' of Storytelling

Layla Shea,

Jordan BowerThe International Chapter was brought together over the gifts of storytelling on March 20 when we were delighted by Vancouver’s Jordan Bower. Jordan shared with us some thought-provoking yet simple tools that we will instantly be able to put into practice as we think about our connections with participants, clients and even prospects. We also came away with tools and frameworks to help us think on a larger scale about the importance of stories for brands.

Jordan had us hooked from his opening with master ‘storyteller’ (researcher) Brené Brown and continued to engage us with relevant examples from the likes of Steve Jobs and brands like Uber and Airbnb that helped us understand how stories (well told, through the use of emotion) can help us create context and meaning for audiences.

The meeting format was a new one for the International Chapter. We all connected in real time (despite major time zone differences) using Zoom. We could see Jordan, interact on live chat and even share ourselves on our webcams to engage directly with each other (view screenshots from the Zoom presentation here). What a wonderful feeling it was for the International Chapter members (many of whom weren’t able to make it to the annual conference) to be connected in this way for the first time, over such an engaging topic!

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Minnesota Chapter Members Toast to Elaine Gingold at Annual Post-Holiday Dinner

Paul Tuchman,

The Minnesota Chapter kept tradition alive again this year, hosting our annual Post-Holiday Dinner. Over hearty, family-style Italian food and wine, members and their spouses/partners toasted the fact that—once again—we survived the holidays and were well on our way to surviving yet another Minnesota winter.

This year the dinner was both joyous and sad, as we spent much of it reminiscing about Elaine Gingold, our longtime Chapter Chair who passed away suddenly in November. The stories and memories were both funny and heartwarming, and we trust that Elaine enjoyed the very heartfelt sendoff.

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New England Chapter Gets into Improv Led by Marc Engel and Pascal Patenaude

Kelsey Segaloff,

The New England Chapter met on Friday, March 23 for a “playshop” led by Marc Engel (San Francisco) and Pascal Patenaude (Montreal). The half-day session was on the virtues of having an improvisational mindset and the ways we can apply it in our world. Chapter members had a fantastic time and gained tools for facilitating, moderating, co-creating and interacting with clients.

Improv Game 1

Improv game 1 (starting with striped shirt and going around the circle to the left): Kathy Ofsthun, Marc Engel, Laura Pinsky, Anne Hooper, Jenifer Hartt, Linda Callahan, Pascal Patenaude, Susan Lackey

Improv Game 2

Improv game 2 (starting with striped shirt and going around the circle to the left): Kathy Ofsthun, Marc Engel, Laura Pinsky, Anne Hooper, Jenifer Hartt, Linda Callahan, Pascal Patenaude, Susan Lackey, Julie Altman, Kay Corry Aubrey, Mandie Fox, Kelsey Segaloff

Pascal Explaining the Rules

Pascal Explaining the Rules (left to right): Mandie Fox, Jenifer Hartt, Linda Callahan, Pascal Patenaude, Kay Corry Aubrey

Pascal Explaining the Rules

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Philly QRCs Flex Their Business Muscle at March Bootcamp

Elizabeth (Marconi) McKinley,

The Philadelphia-Delaware Valley QRCA Chapter hosted their first meeting of 2018 at Schlesinger Associates in Center City, Philadelphia on March 9, when virtual and in-person attendees laced up for a Business Bootcamp.

The day kicked off with a virtual session from UK-based Dr. Jessica Santos, Global Compliance and Quality Director for Kantar Health, who enlightened attendees about the impact of the impending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dr. Santos focused on how marketing researchers should approach privacy and conduct research with EU citizens following the law’s enactment this May.

Next up was a live presentation from the QRCA’s own Kayte Hamilton, Senior Account Executive at Issues and Answers. Kayte offered tips on how to take our proposals to the next level, using her own examples and the standout proposals submitted for the most recent Qually Awards.

The meeting wrapped up with a session on legal issues that affect QRCs. Josie Hosmer of Centric Legal covered key topics such as MSAs, NDAs, privacy, contract work, and non-competes, and offered perspectives on how to protect our businesses.

Thanks to all who joined us! We are excited about our next meeting on May 10, 2018, which will be a joint event with the Philadelphia Chapter of the Insights Association entitled Qualitative Research 2025: What does the future of qualitative hold? The day will consist of five 30-minute presentations and a panel discussion, all on how QRCs can harness market trends in future projects.

Kayte Hamilton presents at Philly Chapter meeting

Kayte Hamilton presents on creating great proposals.

Philly Chapter meeting attendees

Left to Right: Nason Russ, Chris Peto, Kayte Hamilton, John Krick, Elizabeth McKinley, Kristin Schultz, Mark Wheeler, Caroline Volpe, Mike Karchner, Helen Karchner, Karen Pavlovic, Monique Marsh, Betsy Bernstein, Laurie Tema-Lyn, Bonnie Perry, Diane Donald, Donna MacFarland, Carolyn Marconi

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Rocky Mountain Chapter Speaker to Reveal "Dirty Secrets" at May Meeting

Sidney Clewe,

Please join the Rocky Mountain Chapter on May 4 to learn from our very own, Boulder-based, Marilisa Beatty as she presents her well-received presentation from the annual conference in Phoenix in January this year: “Confessions of a Subcontract Researcher: Dirty Secrets and Winning Tips to Succeed in Subcontracting.”

Event information and payment information can be found here.

Presentation Brief:

Business models in our industry are changing. Increasing numbers of independent researchers are gaining work through larger research firms vs. working directly with end-clients. This has been a hot (and to some, controversial) topic of late. Love it or hate it, the truth is that more clients are commissioning larger research companies for work, with independent researchers left frustrated. However maddening this may be, there is a silver lining! That is, these larger suppliers are looking to outsource and commission independent researchers at increasing rates, providing us with a new opportunity for business.

This session will highlight the pros and cons of working as a subcontract researcher to larger firms. The presentation will then focus on the “how to’s” of working with larger research firms, including business development and best practices. Importantly, the presentation will share feedback and “dirty secrets” collected from interviews with research professionals at large firms who are in the position to commission independent moderators. This session will not only to provide solid advice for moderators looking to grow their business with larger firms, but will also shed light on the “dark side” of this type of work (i.e., fears around “client stealing”; backroom egos).

Marilisa Beatty is the Founder and Principal of Key Qualitative, Inc. which specializes in consultation and subcontract support to a variety of large global research firms in healthcare and consumer research. Prior to launching Key Qualitative three years ago, Marilisa worked for a number of large research firms, playing a core role in the selection and commissioning of sub-contract moderators in the U.S. and abroad. Having been on both sides of this topic for the past 10 years, Marilisa is happy to share the insider information she has gained along the way.

INGATHER will be hosting the meeting at their state-of-the art Reality House facility. A highly anticipated tour of the facility will be part of this meeting. Thank you INGATHER, for your support!

Reality HouseReality House

Reality HouseReality House

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San Francisco Chapter Meets to Recap Annual Conference

Stephanie Alaimo,

The San Francisco chapter met on March 9 at Focus Pointe. Those of us who were unlucky enough to have missed the annual QRCA conference this year benefited from recaps of a number of the keynote presentations and breakout sessions. Allison Rak, Mark Engel, Anne Bakstad, Bill Fanning, and Judith Wright recapped their favorite presentations and added their own commentary on the implications of the original talks. The conversations that followed were thoughtful and, at times, heated. They were a great reflection of the state of our industry and the high quality of the presentations that were given at this year's conference. Our discussion topics included unique and cost-saving approaches to research; our own personal successes with moderating rules-of-thumb; the difficulty of training others to moderate; our favorite non-researcher interviewers; book recommendations; new technologies that we can expect our clients to ask us about; and reflections on our successes and failures with business development.

As opposed to a traditional facility tour, Focus Pointe gave us a brief presentation on their services and capabilities over lunch. Focus Pointe recently launched Gauge, a rapid-response mobile survey app that allows researchers to reach out to participants for further qualitative research after completion of a survey.

SF Chapter Conference Recap Meeting

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