April 2018
Vol. 17, Number 3

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Jay Zaltzman

Jay Zaltzman

From the President

Jay Zaltzman,

So Much Going on!

There’s a lot going on for QRCA members and I want to make sure you don’t miss anything!

First, if you haven’t signed up for this year’s Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research in Valencia, Spain, there’s still time to do so! Register online for the conference which takes place May 16-18, 2018. And if you have signed up for the conference, you may want to go back to the website to sign up for one of the Valencia Experiences, being offered Wednesday, May 16 in the morning before the conference starts. Segway, bicycle, art, wine... those are just some of the possibilities. See more here.

Another benefit of attending the conference in Valencia — members who attend will receive six points toward the 12 points needed to attain QRCA Advance status. Are you familiar with the new QRCA Advance program? The program highlights those who are actively participating in qualitative education programs by achieving QRCA Advance status. Learn all about it here.

All of our wonderful programs would not be possible without the enthusiasm and hard work of our members who volunteer to make them happen. As I’ve mentioned before, volunteering is a great way to become more involved in the association and get to know your fellow members (and here’s a secret — that can end up leading to new business!). In addition to those rewards of volunteering, we thank some of our volunteers publicly at the annual conference when the President’s Award and the Rising Star Award winners are announced. Over the past few years I’ve been on the board, we have had so many great volunteers that we’ve had difficulty choosing just one recipient for the President’s Award. We’ve been considering potential recipients’ contributions over the preceding year, as well as their contributions over all the years they’ve been members. After this year’s deliberations, a light bulb went off for us. We decided to create a new award — the Impact Award — which will be awarded to a member to recognize contributions made over the preceding year. The President’s Award will be awarded to a member in recognition of their ongoing dedication to the association. Something to keep in mind as you think about whom to nominate before the next annual conference!

And finally, just in case you missed it, we have changed the criteria for QRCA membership. Researchers who are involved in qualitative research can now join the QRCA no matter where they work, including those who work at client companies or advertising agencies. We are excited about the opportunity to gain new perspectives from in-house qualitative researchers and happy that we can now offer them the benefits of education, as well as wonderful connections that are part of being a member of QRCA. We are strongly committed to making sure we preserve QRCA’s unique culture of openness and sharing.

It’s an exciting time to be a QRCA member!

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Caroline Volpe

Caroline Volpe

Action! From the Board

Caroline Volpe,

The Board is excited to report the following activities:

  • Approved the creation of the 2018 Nominating Committee that will focus on securing board nominees
  • Approved the creation of a Website Refresh Task Force to update QRCA’s website look and usability
  • Discussed ways to better engage Young Professionals Grant winners in QRCA

The next QRCA Board meeting will be on April 16.

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