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August 2016
Vol. 15, Number 6

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monica zinchiak
Monica Zinchiak

Letter from the President:
Rock the Vote

Monica Zinchiak,

Cast your voteOccasionally it becomes necessary for every association to amend its bylaws to reflect the needs of the organization. Each year the QRCA Board of Directors studies our bylaws to evaluate their perpetuity. In 2014, the Membership Expansion Task Force did an outstanding job of understanding QRCA’s current culture and mindset of the members as well as the opportunities that exist for expanding our membership. This study found that there are opportunities for QRCA to grow our membership by welcoming qualitative research professionals who work at product/service development firms, branding agencies and in academia. This past year, the board of directors spent a significant amount of time studying the effects of the most recent bylaws change that came about from the task force’s effort. The Board has determined that those changes, while a step in the right direction, may not have been enough to reverse our declining membership.

The 2016 Board of Directors is proposing another bylaws revision designed to further strengthen the organization by removing many of the stumbling blocks associated with membership qualifications and make the policies more inclusive and reflective of the current state of the industry. The proposed bylaws revision for you to consider condenses and simplifies our membership qualifications. This simplification creates clarity for our membership director and our Membership Committee. At the same time come some great improvements to the online application and a streamlined process for applicants.

Organization policies are going to look a bit different, too. Yet, the somewhat controversial categories of non-membership remain intact — agency personnel and research buyers still do not qualify for membership. Who, then, will be welcomed into the QRCA family? Chiefly, those individuals who support or add value to the work that we do — examples are qualitative analysts who do not themselves moderate but do reporting, those individuals who design studies but are no longer moderating or doing analysis, junior-level researchers who have not moderated their first groups yet, or even the NASA ethnographer who graciously shared her knowledge with our members at a recent conference presentation but then was let down when she inquired about becoming a member. These are just a few examples of the individuals who have requested to become QRCA members but have been turned away by the current prescriptive bylaws language we have in place.

Finally, and most importantly, the proposed bylaws revision that the board of directors is asking you to vote to approve ensures that QRCA remains current and reflective of today’s market and ensures our sustainability for the future.

» Click here for more information and to VOTE (you must be logged in as a member to vote)

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Corette Haf
Corette Haf

Action! From the Board

Corette Haf,

Since the previous issue of Connections, the Board of Directors has met on two occasions, so this update will combine the highlights of both our June and July meetings.

In the previous column, we mentioned that the board has been talking about the need to align membership criteria with research industry changes and that a Bylaws vote is being planned. We were pleased with the feedback we received from members on the Forum. The Board has, at its most recent meeting, approved the revised Bylaws language around membership criteria. It has been shared on the Forum and can be brought to the membership for a vote.

We are pleased with the progress that is being made with the Qualitative Excellence Award process; and, by the time you read this, it has probably been launched.

The 2017 Annual QRCA Conference budget was approved, including funds to do digital marketing to promote our first January conference to a wider audience.
During the June meeting, updates to the SIG and Chapter Policy Manuals were approved to clarify that lapsed members cannot access SIG and Chapter meetings until they renew.

With regards to marketing, the board approved the Marketing Committee’s rebranding tagline and descriptive paragraphs in June. During the July meeting, the board discussed and approved a proposal from Harpeth Marketing to help QRCA with marketing for membership and events.

The Board is also excited about progress being made by MemCom, FieldCom, IRCom, the Annual Conference Committee, and the Content Committee on 2016 Strategic Plan goals.

At the recent July board meeting, it was decided to raise membership dues marginally in 2017, to keep up with rising costs. Membership dues have been unchanged for the past seven years.

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday 15 August 2016.

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Melanie Bernstein
Melanie Bernstein

QRCA Marketing Committee Presents New Tagline and Descriptive Language

Melanie Bernstein,

The QRCA Marketing Committee unveiled the new QRCA brand positioning, Peak Performance, at the October 2015 Annual Conference. Since then, MarCom has developed a new tagline to bring the positioning to life, and created new language to use in future QRCA communications.

Approved by the QRCA Board in June…

  • The new tagline is “QRCA, Leading the Conversation on Qualitative.
  • The new language is: “QRCA is a global association of the world's most innovative, collaborative, and passionate market research professionals dedicated to maximizing the power of qualitative.”
  • A new header for the QRCA website homepage: “Passionate about Qual? Let’s talk. At QRCA, our common language is all things qualitative. Today’s trending topics? Of course. Tomorrow’s emerging opportunities? You’ll be the first to know. Join the conversation. Make QRCA the first place you look to find out what’s being talked about now in qualitative.”

Along with positioning QRCA as an industry leader and promoting relevance beyond just QRCs, “Leading the Conversation on Qualitative” speaks to the essence of qualitative research, and what QRCA does for the field as well as its members: Learning through conversation.

The new language highlights the organization’s stature, reasons to engage, and equally important: emphasizes the QRCA focus on qualitative and a collaborative culture.

MarCom has also been working on additional language and copy to be featured in marketing messages for the entire organization, and would be happy to share it with chapters and/or committees anytime. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Finally: MarCom wants to recognize Lynn Greenberg, Julie Medalis, Tom Rich, and all of the committee members for their hard work and contribution in developing this new copy. The committee is continuing to work hard at bringing our brand positioning to life.

Please watch this space for additional updates in the coming months!

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