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August 2014
Vol. 13, Number 6

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Maryanne Pflug

Seeking Nominations for Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award

Dear Colleagues:

One again, we have an opportunity to honor a truly outstanding QRCA colleague.

The Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award has been presented each year since 2003 to honor the memory of a cherished member, Maryanne Pflug, and her contributions to QRCA. This award is intended to uphold and celebrate QRCA’s cultural heritage of collegial commitment to the organization and its members.

As the most recent recipient of the Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award, I am humbly honored to call for nominations from the membership for the next Spirit Award recipient. The winner will be announced at our upcoming conference in New Orleans this October and will receive our accolades plus the infamous Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award trophy – a HUGE martini glass – in honor of her favorite drink!

Even if you did not know Maryanne, you can help. Please take a moment to think about a QRCA member who exhibits the qualities and characteristics that Maryanne embodied: friendliness, creativity, commitment to QRCA, leadership, optimism, humor, mentorship, a passion for life, and unconditional positive regard for all. Do you have somebody in mind? Please nominate her or him!

How to nominate:

  1. Nominations must include a statement (50-75 words will suffice) explaining the QRCA member’s qualities and why he/she deserves the award. Think of your statement as a testimonial.
  2. Nominations must be submitted by Saturday,September 6 to A committee consisting of past recipients of the award will review the nominations and select the winner.
  3. Each member must submit her/his own, separate nominating statement. Saying, “I nominate him/her too!” will not suffice. Also, it doesn’t help to simply copy somebody else’s nominating statement. Have it come from your heart :)


  • You may only nominate one person in any given year.
  • You may resubmit a nomination from a past year if you wish.
  • The Award Recipient need not be in New Orleans to win.
  • Prior recipients are not eligible to be nominated.
  • To spread recognition through the membership, the Presidents Award and the Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award recipients will not be the same.

Please help us salute a special QRCA colleague who perpetuates that unique “spirit” and “energy” Maryanne brought to QRCA!


The Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award Committee:
Farnaz Badie
Manuela Fletcher
Lloyd Harris (in memoriam)
Marty Johnson
Ilka Kuhagen 
Linda LaScola
Pat Sabena
Susan Thornhill 
Kate Wagenlander
Jeff Walkowski
Jay Zaltzman

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2014 QRCA Global Outreach Scholarships Winners

Co-Chairs International Committee
Ilka Kuhagen, 
Corette Haf,

As in previous years, candidates applied for two international scholarships: the Foundation Scholarship for a qualitative researcher relatively new to qualitative research, who is establishing a career path in this field; and the Advanced Scholarship for a qualitative researcher already well-established in a qualitative research career, who wants to expand and deepen knowledge of methods and techniques in order to maximize the value of projects planned and executed for clients.

During the past two months, representatives from the International Committee worked through the applications received and compiled a short list for each Scholarship.  The shortlisted candidates were interviewed, and the recordings were made available to the rest of the committee who then got together to discuss and choose the winners.  The International Committee is very happy to announce that the 2014 Scholarships were awarded to:

Foundation Scholarship:   Misha Mathew from Vox Populi Research in India                  

Advanced Scholarship:     Andrea Greca Kruger who runs her own consultancy, Berlin in Brazil

We will all have the opportunity to get to know these two ladies in person at the QRCA Annual Conference in New Orleans in October.  Watch this space for more detailed interviews with the winners in future editions of Connections later this year.

Ilka and Corette would like to thank the rest of the Committee members for their time and dedication during the selection process.  We are also grateful to everyone who helped to spread the word and promote the Global Outreach Scholarships.

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Field Committee’s Member Highlight: Lynda Barnaby

Michelle Finzel,

Editor’s note: Every few months the Field Committee recognizes a QRCA member who has made a special effort to provide fellow QRCs with resources and opportunities that assist in strengthening members’ relationships with field services. This month's highlighted member is....Lynda Barnaby! Let's get to know a bit about Lynda.

Lynda Barnaby (New York, NY) is Field Director of Research Insights at Siegel+Gale. She began her qualitative career working for a state legislator, where she focused on understanding the effects of legislative issues on the local constituency and the ways to most effectively communicate with them.  She holds a B.A. in Political Science from SUNY Potsdam and has earned a paralegal certification from CUNY.

Originally from a small hamlet in upstate NY, Lynda moved to New York to be with her Bronx-born husband…and never looked back. In her spare time, she loves to travel both locally and internationally, and also fits in time for reading anything she can, while sharing the chair with one of her cats.

  • Years as a QRC: more than 20 years
  • Committees/Task forces on which you've served: Field Committee
  • Year with each committee/task force: First year
  • What do you like about being a part of FieldCom? Identifying issues/challenges and coming up with possible solutions
  • And a little about you:
    • Favorite travel destination: Tanzania
    • Beloved pets: My cats

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MemCom Happenings

Philip Smith,

It is has been a busy few months for the MemCom team as we complete our new-member engagement paper and promote the mid-year membership discount.

Engaging New Members

MemCom and the Board agreed that, even though we had a strong on-boarding program, some new members need additional support at the time they join QRCA. The MemCom team has prepared a discussion paper for the Board which outlines eight recommendations to encourage new members to embrace QRCA. A key aspect of the plan is to build on the current on-boarding program but also to encourage existing members to support and encourage new members to participate fully in the organisation. Once the Board has signed off, MemCom will share its plans with membership.

Mid-Year Discount – LinkedIn Announcement

In July each year, QRCA discounts the membership fee for new members. That makes now a great time to encourage new members to join as the membership fee has dropped from $US320 to $US200!

This year QRCA announced the mid-year membership-fee discount on LinkedIn as a ‘manager choice’ through Ricardo Lopez. MemCom encourages all members to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on the announcement in order to keep the announcement active. The great thing is we have had enquiries for new membership based on this announcement.

We have also been in contact with Chapter Chairs and Committees to remind them of the mid-year discount.

And don’t forget: You too can help bring new members to QRCA.  Every member that nominates a successful new member goes in the draw for the opportunity to win free membership in 2015. The more people you encourage to join, the more opportunities you have to win. This is an important way we build membership. If you think you know someone that might be interested in joining QRCA please reach out to them – you’ll be helping QRCA to grow – and it could be to your advantage as well!  

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — August 2014

Darrin Hubbard,

Annual Conference

  • Registration went live July 15, launch July 17 in News Bites.
  • Additional web pages built for Conference.
  • Staff did the pre-planning meeting with Chairs, preliminary details and logistics completed.
  • Offsite venues have been determined and are being contracted for Early Arrivals Dinner and Thursday night party.
  • Staff is working on social media options utilizing two sponsors’ products.
  • Sponsorship Committee meets bi-weekly to give progress reports. Committee met to discuss 2015 recommendations for offerings and other sources of sponsorship opportunities.
  • Marketing Committee met to discuss marketing efforts.
Other: RFP was sent out for 2016 potential locations.

QRCA/AQR Conference

Staff: P & L was finalized and sent to both groups.


Staff: There was no July Connections.
Committee: Material for the August issue is due by July 25 and is scheduled to go out on August 7.
Other: The Board approved a weekly Forum digest.


  • The committee last met on July 11.
  • Feedback from the Board on the cheater/repeater survey was discussed. Consideration given to releasing an internal and external report.
  • The committee discussed the Tips from FieldCom and should have a draft of the algorithms article soon.
Other: The next meeting will be on August 1.

Industry Relations

  • The committee met on July 15 to discuss ongoing partner relationships.
  • Lynn Greenberg shared information about a potential ARF certification proposal.
Other: Next meeting is on September 9.


  • The 2014 GOS recipients have been notified.
  • Documentation has been processed and their memberships have been created.
Committee: The committee conducted the interviews with the shortlisted candidates and decided on recipients for the Foundation and Advanced Scholarships.

Investment Advisory Group

Committee: The team is investigating options for CDs that have recently matured.

Membership Expansion Task Force

Staff: Final reports have been submitted to the Board for review.
  • The Task Force met on June 26 and reviewed the final report. Edits were made and the final reports were circulated.
  • Chair Rick Weitzer will join the Board for their July meeting to discuss recommendations.


  • New member lists were sent by staff to Board and Chapter leaders.
  • Staff launched membership campaign to non-renewals and prospects during the week of July 16.
  • Staff sent a message to Ricardo to encourage membership on the LinkedIn Group.
Committee: The committee met on July 9 and reviewed the onboarding document. Feedback was implemented and a revised version will be sent to the Board for consideration.
Other: The next meeting is August 13.


Staff: Staff are collecting all candidates' ballot materials and preparing for the member vote.
Committee: The committee held an e-vote on July 11 to determine the final candidate for the slate.
Other: NomCom will meet in August after the August 12 deadline to vote.

Public Relations

  • Laurie Pumper continues working with Co-Chairs and Volunteer Editors to confirm publication of articles with our content partners and to expand the reach of QRCA’s content through social media.
  • Laurie continues updating the News & Press page.
  • Our Co-Chairs and the Volunteer Editors continue working with authors to submit material to our content partners.
  • A meeting was held with the Volunteer Editors on July 15 to check in and to recommend updates to our processes.
Other: Steve Appel and Chris Kann will send a memo to the Board of Directors with an update.


Staff: Have begun promotion for the August Qcast.
Committee: All Qcasts except for October (live from the QRCA Annual Conference) are finalized for 2014.


Staff: Team worked on creating a weekly Forum Digest email, set to launch soon.
  • The committee is discussing research into site usability.
  • The committee continues to promote Forum usage.
  • Looking into creating a manual weekly email digest, “Forum Bites”.
Other: Next meeting is July 10.


  • Laurie Pumper continues work on a Social Media plan, including links to VIEWS articles.
  • Laurie continues work on a variety of transition tasks.
  • Nicki Brunner is working on creative ads for the next issue.
  • The Summer issue has been published/mailed.
  • Articles for the Fall 2014 issue have been written and will be sent to the new publisher soon.
  • The committee met on July 11 to review what has been submitted for the Fall issue and to review material that is in progress for the Winter and Spring issues.
  • The EIC, Managing Editor and Board Liaison participated in a demo with the new digital edition provider to learn about the capabilities of the new system.
  • The Twitter Team will post links to Summer VIEWS soon.
  • On July 7 Kendall Nash, Laurie Pumper and Shannon Thompson met with Chris Juetten of New England Business Media, LLC to discuss contract details.
  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for October 10.
  • Committee leadership continue working with NEBM to get the Fall issue off the ground.
  • A meeting will be scheduled for early August to allow the feature editors to learn about the new digital edition capabilities.

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