June 2017
Vol. 16, Number 5

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Latino Acculturation, U.S. Latinization and the New Americanos

Cynthia Tello,

How are cultures meeting (and often clashing) in the U.S., and how is it all affecting market segmentation approaches and marketing research? These were the central topics that our presenter, Ricardo López, addressed during the Latino SIG webinar on May 8.

Ricardo, President of Hispanic Research Inc. and an expert in the U.S. Hispanic market, explained how acculturation continues to change regularly and how segments are blurring. The significant changes boil down into these four buckets:

  1. Today's society does not support assimilation; we appreciate diversity. Additionally, we are all interconnected by technology; the world is becoming a smaller place.
  2. The new acculturation is "To become American, but in my terms." People are no longer assimilating to the American culture; instead, they are choosing to keep their Latino heritage. They are American in many ways, but they are also proud of being Latinos.
  3. Acculturation happens differently, depending on where you go, because people acculturate to the area they are moving. Acculturation in Texas is different from acculturation in Miami, New York or California.
  4. Acculturation always happens both ways. There is Reverse-acculturation or the Latinization of the American society; this is where the cultures clash.

Considering all the above, we need to stop segmenting by race and, instead, segment by ethnicity. That is the value of qualitative research: we must get an in-depth understanding of who these Hispanics are. Qualitative can also play a critical role to inform quantitatively.

After Ricardo's presentation, we all had an opportunity to share our experiences and points of view about this rapidly changing topic. For instance, the big gap that exists among companies when it comes to doing research with, and marketing to, Hispanics. There is a broad spectrum that goes from companies where the Hispanic market is a business imperative and there is a mandate within each of the brands to market specifically to this segment, to companies where Hispanics are a second thought and marketing to Hispanics boils down to language. There are additional challenges, such as suboptimal adaptations of General Market campaigns, possibly a result of limited marketing budgets, instead of Hispanic-specific campaigns developed by multicultural agencies. Or, managers who believe they have Hispanic expertise just because they are experts in a Latin American country, but fail to realize that the Hispanic Market is unique in identity, needs and wants.

We also discussed how, even though many people share a similar immigrant experience (e.g. not speaking the language, having to adapt to a new culture), there are also important distinctions, such as social class and timing and reasons for immigrating, that shape the individual experience in a unique way. Lastly, regional differences are another important layer to take into consideration.

In summary, it is in our best interest as qualitative researchers to educate the client on this ever-changing segment. Advise clients on how to properly conduct recruitment that leads to insightful and actionable research findings.

In case you missed it and wish to see it, here is the link to the webinar: Latino Acculturation, U.S. Latinization and the New Americanos.

About the Latino SIG: The mission of the Latino SIG is to be a forum where knowledge and camaraderie flow among members through informal discussions, formal presentations or by reaching out. Members of this group include researchers working with Spanish or Portuguese speaking participants (in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America), and researchers who want to understand how to do qualitative research in Latin markets.

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Upcoming Healthcare SIG Webinar: The New PPTX Template (Isn't a Template at all)

Caroline Volpe,

Elynor MonksThe Pharma/Healthcare SIG will be hosting Elynor Monks from The Design Strategist for our next webinar.

As market researchers, we all know that PowerPoint can be the bane of our existence. The current marketplace also requires that researchers have a broad understanding of design. Meet Elynor Monks, “The Design Strategist.” Elynor is a former market researcher who went creative with the express intent of elevating your research results to the level of strategic storytelling.

Her webinar will talk to attendees about creating a tone and telling a story through presentations that make you feel. Specific topics include:

  1. Imagery Selection: Setting a tone first and foremost
  2. Slide by Slide: The contrast that wakes you up
  3. Bye Bye Bullets: Now we're creating icons, chunking and displaying infographics instead
  4. Cut it Back: The creation of Pithy Subheads
  5. The Power of Smart Color Blocking: Eye-flow, naturally
  6. White Space infusion: It's time to decrease your font size. Trust me.
  7. The Summary Leave Behind: Making your client look good to their boss
  8. When NOT to hire a designer: When they won't have the time or freedom to do these things!

Elynor has worked with many QRCA members to illuminate their insights, beautifully. Join her as she dissects the basics and provides "insider" information on how to take your decks and infographics to the next level for your clients.

Date: June 27, 2017
Time: 12pm ET
Register online

Elynor Monks is a former Market Researcher and Insights Collector for Fortune 500 brands, gone "creative." Knowing there must be a better way to make PowerPoint work for and not against us, Elynor became "The Design Strategist" and shifted to specifically designing market research deliverables for agencies and solopreneurs across the nation.

Her unique craft begins with each brand, project or consumer experience's core story, exposing a more compelling and strategic flow. She does this through simple story-telling capabilities, headline management, key-takeaway implementation, condensing and simplifying techniques, quick reference iconography, photography placement and more. When all is said and done, clients get consultative, differentiated design that is at the cutting edge of contemporary communication materials. Elynor has more than 10 years of experience creating impactful PowerPoints and Infographics using all she knows from her background in consumer insight.

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