March 2018
Vol. 17, Number 2

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Canadian Chapters Hold Joint Meeting at the Phoenix Conference

Maryse Hudon,; Pascal Patanaude,

In keeping with our collaborative approach to chapter meetings, the Eastern Canada and the Canada Chapters joined forces again to hold a joint chapter meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

With session content still fresh in our minds, we shared our individual experiences at the conference and discussed potential “presenters” for our upcoming local chapter meetings. To add to our list of potential chapter speakers—and with many concurrent conference sessions—we decided on a “divide and conquer” approach to canvass the remaining conference options.

Since our two chapter collaborations have been so successful, we discussed the potential of a multiple city joint chapter meeting, with Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver (and possibly Ottawa) participating simultaneously for an upcoming event. 
Still thinking ahead, we shared our wish list for 2018:

  • Bring in interesting, external speakers that are related to our industry to broaden our horizons. 
  • Have more presentations on design thinking and UX research to gain a better understanding of both areas.
  • Invite our favourite speakers to our chapter meetings in person or virtually.

Canada Chapter

Attendees as presented in the photo were: Seated from left to right : Marc-André Leduc (MLeduc & Co), Meredith Morino (Sklar Wilton), Pascal Patenaude (Patenaude Research and Communications), Maryse Hudon (M. Hudon Marketing Research Services), Shamsu Bhaidani (Hatchtank), Nicole Aleong (Lux Insight and the winner of this year Qually Awards!) and Jeff Hecker (Athena Brand).

Attendees not shown in the photo were Susan Abbott (ARC) and Ann Lee Groves (LG Consulting).

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OHINKY Chapter Meets in Grand (Conference) Style!

Laurie Bredenfoerder,

They say it pays to know the right people, and that was certainly the case for the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky (OHINKY) chapter and its annual in-person meeting during the QRCA Conference! Thanks to Kendall Nash, conference co-chair and OHINKY chapter member, the OHINKY chapter meeting was convened in the living room of the President’s Suite of the conference headquarters hotel. (But wait: this gets even better! Kendall and her Burke colleague, Jim Berling, personally delivered our hot breakfast from the conference’s breakfast buffet.)

Although the place settings were “informal,” the food was hot and the table was large enough for all of us. And not to rub it in, but we’re pretty sure our meeting room had the best view!

OHINKY chapter members

OHINKY members present and luxuriously accommodated are, left to right: Peju Milne, Chelle Precht, Kyle Hodgkins, Jennifer Blalock, Laurie Bredenfoerder, Kendall Nash, Gina Derickson, Jennifer Ossim Blomer, and Bruce Ferguson. (Photo by Jim Berling.)

Jim Berling

Jim Berling delivers the chapter’s hot breakfast

Conference Hotel President's Suite

In case you were wondering, this is what you see when the doors to the President’s Suite at the conference hotel open wide. Isn’t that a beaut of a butte?!

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QRCA Southeast Chapter Well-Represented at the Annual Conference

Bruce Peoples,

Several members of the QRCA Southeast Chapter attended the 2018 QRCA Annual Conference, including Rebecca Bryant, Jim Bryson, Colleen Welsh-Allen, and Bruce Peoples. New faces to QRCA and first-timers at the conference were Yvonne Martin-Kidd, Director of Marketing at the Owen Graduate School of Business at Vanderbilt University; and Leigh Wright, a 2018 QRCA Young Professionals Grant recipient. Southeast Chapter member Kate Wagenlander Watson presented at the Conference, providing an overview of best practices for conducting packaging research. The Florida chapter was also well represented with seven attendees, led by Marypage Turso.

Overall, another great QRCA Conference! Once again, the biggest challenge was determining which breakout sessions to attend, as all were relevant and addressed important issues and opportunities. Many enjoyed the presentation by keynote speaker and moderating legend Naomi Henderson, who reminded us that sometimes we need to get back to the basics of conducting qualitative research. Other topics covered the whole spectrum of qualitative research, from business development (Marta Villaneuva and Cheryl Dalisay); to projectives (Steve Kalter); to back room debriefs (Melanie Bernstein); to wrapping up a study with persuasive storytelling (Jim Berling). The international contingent was well represented, too, with a presentation by Petra Viskova and Hana Klouckova about creating effective co-creation sessions. It was also great seeing in-person the many vendors that help us do our jobs better each year. All in all, another great conference with attendees building new relationships and departing re-energized and raring to go!

Looking ahead, the Southeast Chapter is looking at creating and hosting more virtual events, to enable more members to easily participate, and partnering with other chapters including our neighbor, the Florida Chapter. Thanks to all those who attended and to Laurie Butler, 2017 SE Chapter Chair, who was unable to attend, but who did lots of pre-planning to help us get together.

SE Chapter at the Annual Conference

SE Chapter Member Colleen Welsh-Allen meets with a Marketplace sponsor at the Conference.

SE Chapter at the Annual Conference

SE Chapter member and first-time attendee Leigh Wright gaining insights about qualitative research from Susan Abbott at Thursday evening’s BBQ event.

SE Chapter at the Annual Conference

SE Chapter member Bruce Peoples participates in Steve Kalter’s presentation on his Top Five Projective exercises.

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