March 2018
Vol. 17, Number 2

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QRCA “Friends” Gather to Cheer for Quakers

Abby Leafe,

On February 3, QRCA members Tom Rich, Caroline Volpe, and Abby Leafe (along with their families) got together in Philadelphia to watch the Penn Quakers men's basketball team defeat Yale at the Palestra. Tom and Abby relived their college days at Penn and treated the group to a rousing rendition of "The Red and the Blue" at the end of the game. Their children were less impressed.

Tom, Caroline, Abby, and families

From left to right: Elizabeth, Nancy, and Tom Rich; Caroline Volpe and Olivia Hilt; and Abby Leafe, Ed Merriman, and Jefferson and Sarabeth Kalmar.

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JR Harris’ Book Promotional Tour Brings QRCA Friends Together

Judy Langer,

JR Harris came to The Center for Learning and Living, a non-profit school for people 50+ in Manhattan, on January 11 to talk about his new book, Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker. Several metro area QRCA current and past members joined our students to hear his inspiring session. Judy Langer is CL&L executive director, and like JR and George Silverman, a founding member and former president of QRCA.

JR Harris Book Tour

(left to right) Camille Carlin, Judy Langer, JR Harris, Sue Miller, Laurie Tema-Lyn, and George Silverman

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National Study About “Fake News” Needs Sponsors — You Can Help!

Jeff Walkowski,

Research to Demonstrate the Power of Newer Research Methods.

QRCA is partnering with the Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA), the Social Media Research Association (SMRA), and Collaborata (an online marketing research facilitation service) to execute a study titled, “Changing Channels: The Impact of Fake News on Audiences.” This will be a nonpartisan exploration of how Americans’ news-consumption habits impact their ability to spot “fake” and overtly biased news stories.

The qualitative part of this research project will direct respondents to a news source that is not their preferred one. Researchers will then monitor whether and how exposure to the “other side” impacts how news is (or is not) internalized.

How Will it Be Funded?

There is no financial cost to QRCA or any of the other partnering organizations for participation in this study. QRCA’s contribution will be providing a member who will moderate the online message boards that are part of the design.

Funding for expense items like recruitment, platform provider usage, and incentives is expected to come from client-side organizations. It is presumed that news organizations would be most interested in helping to fund this work. This includes network news organizations (ABC, CBS, and NBC), cable news outlets like CNN and Fox, newspapers large and small, as well as news magazines. It’s quite possible that foreign news services will be interested in supporting this project as well.

How Can You Help?

Do you know of anyone in the news industry or have a client or a prospect in the news industry? If so, point them to this study. It’s easy. Go to the website (, click on the “refer-a-friend” button on the study page, and provide the requested information. Collaborata will do the rest.

An Incentive for YOU!

There’s an incentive for you to refer a client/prospect. If someone you refer signs up as a co-sponsor, you will receive a check for 10% of how much they spend. Consider it a “Finder’s Fee.”

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QRCA Membership Milestones

Linda TravisLinda Travis reached her Member Milestone in December but got overlooked for the January issue. Connections apologizes for this oversight.

Linda Travis
The Brand Renovator
Decatur, Georgia

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Welcome to These New Members who Joined QRCA in January!

Ezatullah Adib

Ezatullah AdibMy name is Ezatullah Adib — from Afghanistan. Currently, I am working for a Civil Society Organization, Integrity Watch Afghanistan ( as a Research Manager. My job is to manage the entire department where I am busy with the quantitative and qualitative research designs, data collection, data analysis, report write-up. I also help the advocacy department present the findings of the reports to various governmental, academia and international organizations. 

My contact details:
Phone: +93788881314 | 0799867496
Skype: ezatullah-paktia1

Mandie Fox

Mandie FoxMandie Fox is a RIVA Institute-certified Master Moderator with a background in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. As a consumer anthropologist, she leads the moderating practice at C Space, a consumer insights research firm. She specializes in bringing consumers and patients to life by getting them to open up quickly, give thoughtful and candid feedback, and interact with one another. Her 15+ years of in-person and video moderating experience includes In-Home and Ethnographic Interviews, Shop-alongs, Focus Groups, IDIs, Phone Interviews and Intercept Interviews. She has helped clients from several industries including retail, CPG, healthcare, financial services and entertainment. At C Space alone, Mandie has conducted more than 1000 live qualitative research events. She also teaches quarterly at RIVA. When she isn't busy being curious about people, places and things, she's off exploring with her family and learning new things from her kiddos.

Lauren Isaacson

Lauren IsaacsonLauren Isaacson is a market and user experience research consultant. She specializes in qualitative research but has extensive experience and capability in quantitative research as well. While new to being a consultant, she has more than 15 years of experience in research and strategy working client side for B2B companies, design agencies, and advertising agencies.

Lauren is an American ex-pat by way of Los Angeles, currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, traveling, enjoying a well-executed meal at a fine restaurant paired with a dry cocktail, and a sunny day at the farmers market.

Lauren can be reached at

Andrew Russell

Andrew RussellI am a design researcher at Sylver Consulting in Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago). I became interested in qualitative research while earning my degree in Industrial Design. After seeing the incredible impact qualitative research had on improving the relevance of my designs, I grew increasingly fascinated with research methodologies and the possibilities that opened up. I am particularly interested in behavioral economics and understanding what motivates and influences behavior. Outside of work I am an avid reader, reading mostly design theory and history. 

I’m very excited to be part of the QRCA and look forward to becoming part of the community, as well as learning more about qualitative research. Email me at

Eric Snyder

Eric SnyderHelping a “light bulb” moment happen for someone else is what I enjoy.

If you could see a moment of great joy in my life, it would be the view from my camera. I respect small yet significant moments that are echoed in my passion for photography, having been fortunate enough to focus on global scenery from an early age. It translates now in setting the stage for moments of discovery, creating small yet significant moments when individuals connect with each other, or themselves, in deeper learning. It’s core to who I am and has been integral to my work life.

"I grew up in HR” and learned organizational effectiveness in the Army, went on to lead as chief training and HR development leader for Mervyn's and the international travel retailer, DFS, and working for start-ups like Pinkberry. Five years ago, I decided to extend my discoveries to the world of qual and became a RIVA trained moderator. And now, I use my focus group moderator skills with Ignite 360.

I strive to have my work develop into longer-term relationships strengthened by the trust I like to form with those around me. Through QRCA, I look forward to grow my learning and expand my knowledge through others in this field. I am married and reside with my husband, Ed, in Phoenix.

Also Joining QRCA in January 2018:

Aliza Angelchik
Sonorus Brand Strategy
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

April Atwood
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

Laura Chant
Georgetown University
United States

Chelsea Dade
Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Aimee Douglas
Bain & Company, Inc.
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

Fawn Odgers
Colorado Technical University
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

Ellen Ryan
Screen Engine / ASI
North Hollywood, California
United States

Pecorari Stefano
Milan, Italy

Raylene Titus
University of Cape Town
Cape Town, South Africa

Laura Totten
Bellingham, Washington
United States

Joyce Walker
Fayetteville State University
Spring Lake, North Carolina
United States

Lindsay Wessel
MLN Research
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

Kim White
Focus Forward
Wayne, Pennsylvania
United States

Renee Wyckoff
L&E Research
Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

Tomoko Yoshida
Chiba ken, Japan

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