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Vol. 17, Number 2

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BD SIG Webinar Has the Tips and Techniques to Help You Grow Your Business

Marta Villanueva,; Cheryl Stella Dalisay,

Our industry has changed drastically over the past few years, leaving us with greater competition, smaller budgets, and clients who often chose to go the DIY route. If you have not been consistent with business development in the past, your business may be paying a “price” now or in the near future. 

Don’t love to sell? Don’t have the time? Neither do most QRCs, according to a recent deep dive into this topic with QRCs at all tenures. This interactive session will review the results from our study and incorporate tricks of the trade from many of the best qualitative practitioners. 

We will highlight solutions that can be quickly incorporated into QRCs’ busy business lives. Understanding self-imposed constraints and that business development is not “one size fits all,” can lead to unique solutions that will get QRCs unstuck and on a new path to greater success.

Date: Thursday, April 26, 2018
Time: 9:00a.m. Pacific / 11:00a.m. Central / 12:00p.m. Eastern Daylight Time

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Your hosts:

Marta VillanuevaMarta Villanueva is President of NuThinking Inc. She is a bilingual/bicultural expert with nearly 20 years of experience in insights. Marta has a proven track record advising Top 500 Companies. She is a creative thinker, grounded in marketing, who gets more from consumers using customized thinking tools. She holds a Master’s Degree in Creativity from the International Center for Studies. She has served QRCA in many roles, including co-chairing the Latino and Creativity and Innovation Special Interest Groups, 2012 conference Speaker Team Leader, and chairing the Business Development SIG. She is the QRCA 2015 Maryanne Pflug Award Winner. @nuthinkinginc

Cheryl Stella DalisayCheryl Stella Dalisay is President of Stellar Strategic Services, Inc. Providing both qualitative and quantitative research services for the past 28 years drives Cheryl’s unique perspective into both disciplines. She has been intimately associated with client-side, agency-side, and supplier-side experiences that allow her to provide uncommon solutions that drive her business and that of her clients.  

Cheryl graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Communications and Advertising, specializing in statistics, research methods and social psychology.  She is co-chair of the QRCA Online SIG and an active participant in the Business Development SIG.  She has contributed to several QRCA conference committees as a Speaker Co-chair, as well as a Dine-Arounds Committee and Session Host Chair. She is a single mom of four who gets the meaning of “too busy for business development!”

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Latino SIG Meets During Conference to Discuss Current Challenges

Susanna Fránek,

The Latino SIG was delighted to host an intimate group at our meeting in Phoenix.

Our work researching the U.S. Hispanic market is undergoing significant changes. The current anti-immigrant rhetoric, along with the uncertain future of the Dreamers, is somewhat impacting show rates in some cities like Los Angeles and Miami where ICE has been raiding homes, convenience stores, and even buses. The fact that there are fewer Hispanic agencies in business also continues to influence changes in our industry.

As such, all the QRC Hispanic moderators present at our SIG meeting have been taking on more and more Gen Pop moderation, an area of growth that is dismantling the notion that Hispanic moderators only research Latinos. There’s even potential to flex our multicultural muscles by spearheading projects that might include segments beyond Hispanic and Gen Pop, bringing in experts in those communities to collaborate on projects. As our business is changing, it behooves all of us to expand our horizons. Stay tuned. Soon we will be announcing the spring webinar that just might set us on that multicultural path.

Latino SIG at the Annual Conference

Those present for the meeting included, from left to right: Ana Villodres, Cynthia Tello, Graciela Braniff, Belinda Dunnick Karge, Martha Garma Zipper, Horacio Segal, and Susanna Fránek

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Is 2018 the Year of the Young Professionals?

Marilisa Beatty,

The scene: It’s a chilly, moonlit night in Tempe, AZ. Thirty-four Young Professionals are gathered lakeside for dinner and discussion. Among the “under 35 set” in attendance are two 2018 conference speakers, QRCA Chapter Chairs, SIG and committee leaders. There are past and present Rising Star and "Qually" Award winners. YP Grant recipients, new and seasoned "Qually" professionals, graduate students, and vendors huddle together deep in conversation.

As a five-time annual conference attendee, I couldn’t believe my eyes! In past years, YPs attended the conference in handfuls. To use the word “dozens” would be generous. Not this year. This year was different. The YP contingent, after many years, is finally having its “moment.”

“The energy at this year’s QRCA conference was infectious. The eager, and bright minds of my fellow YPs was uplifting. Their passion for qualitative research and excitement about the industry left me riding a wave of energy that will guide the YP SIG well into the next year!” exclaims Kristin Schultz, YP SIG Co-chair. Her feelings mirror many others following the conference, regardless of age or SIG association. The buzz around YPs’ contributions to the meeting and QRCA, in general, has been spreading.

In the past year YP efforts have ramped up, and the benefits are showing. The YP Grant team worked hard to market the grant, select only the best candidates, and welcome them with open arms to the QRCA family. The YP SIG produced a timely webinar on the pervasive cannabis industry and co-promoted it with PMRG. The new Ycast series, which is curated and produced by YPs, is off to an auspicious start and will continue to run cutting-edge webinars through the year.

In 2018 and 2019 we expect to see even more from YPs. A newly formed “Young Pro Working Group” will ensure that all YP efforts support the growth and cultivation of this future (and present!) QRCA leaders. The YP SIG has plans to expand its offerings beyond webinars, into broader networking opportunities and, ideally, opportunities for hands-on experience for those growing into the industry. We cannot forget that Sidney Clewe and Anya Zadrozny, two outstanding YPs, will lead the 2019 conference.

“This is the future of QRCA! It is exciting to see that YP engagement is blooming, thriving!” agrees QRCA Board Member Regina Szyszkiewicz.

I think we can all agree. The future of QRCA is looking bright, and our organization will continue to thrive with the help of our bold, passionate, and talented YPs.

(Author’s Note: I would be remiss not to take this opportunity to highlight the individuals alluded to above in various ways. Please do forgive me if I leave out any names: Elizabeth Marconi, Kayte Hamilton, Tory Gentes, Anya Zadrozny, Lauren McCrae, Nicole Aleong, Kristin Schultz, Sidney Clewe, and Marilisa Beatty. Also, a special thanks to Shannon Danzy, who champions we YPs daily!)


From left to right around the table: Marilisa Beatty, Angel Raquina, Zack Davis, Daniel Berkal (honorary YP), Sidney Clewe, Elizabeth Marconi, Tory Gentes, Sarah Huet*, Brian Hanks, Kristin Schultz.

*Note: This caption was crowd-sourced several weeks after the photo was taken. The process seemed to be going smoothly until various members of the photo-identification team supplied two different names for one of the people in this photo. In an attempt to solve this dilemma, Connections consulted LinkedIn, intending to carefully compare the two women’s photos. Bottom line on that effort: totally inconclusive! The best we can do is to advise you, dear reader, that the person identified here as Sarah Huet just might actually be Jennifer Golden. If so, Connections apologizes in advance … and suggests that Jennifer and Sarah just might want to get to know each other, because the two of you look a whole lot alike!

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