May 2018
Vol. 17, Number 4

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QRCA Members Are Advancing ... Are You?

Abby Leafe,

This year QRCA debuted Advance, a new program that will reward members for advancing the discipline of qualitative research, either by engaging in educational content or taking the time to educate others. Members earn Advance points through activities such as attending conferences, chapter meetings, or webinars; presenting to others; or writing articles about qualitative research. Members must earn 12 Advance points per year in order to achieve Advance status (which lasts for the entire following year, similar to frequent flier status). Once members earn status, they can promote it to the world using the special QRCA Advance badge.

And the first two QRCA members to earn Advance status are... Laurie Tema-Lyn and Jay Zaltzman! Both Laurie and Jay will enjoy their status through December 2019. Jay said,

“I hear that I was one of the first to achieve Advance status. That's quite an honor! It’s the result of a very busy January (I gave a presentation to an MRIA chapter meeting in Vancouver on my birthday, attended our annual conference and attended the Quirks West Event). I like presenting and I like getting together with fellow QRCs, so I probably would have done all those things anyway, but our hope is that the Advance points might be that extra push to get people to actually attend a conference or chapter meeting or other educational event. We’ve all had those times where we didn’t know if we had the energy to attend and then we’re glad we did! I hope the Advance program will be the 'tipping point' that will get us all participating more.”

Curious about how you can earn Advance status? Visit the Advance page on the QRCA website. There you’ll find a summary of the points you can earn for various activities and the link to submit the info needed to get credit for non-QRCA events. For more detail about the Advance program and a tutorial on how to use the site to view and earn points, you can check out this video.

Questions? Contact QRCA Advance Chair Abby Leafe at

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