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September 2015
Vol. 14, Number 6

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International Chapter to Co-Present Qualitative Workshops in South Africa

Ilka Kuhagen,

The QRCA International Chapter will hold meetings with SAMRA’s Qualitative Research Special Interest Group in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October. The meetings will include a full-day workshop by Susan Abbott on Creative Tools and Techniques for Researchers and will offer a chance for our African members, and other interested international members, to meet in person. Please note that the reduced member price applies to both QRCA and SAMRA members.

international Chapter

The meetings will be in Johannesburg on October 21, 2015 and in Cape Town on October 23, 2015. Please check out and for more details.

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OH/IN/KY to Hear from Expert in Turning Customer Data into Winning Insights

Sharon Laukhuff,

The OH/IN/KY Chapter will host Josh Mahaney at L&E Research in Cincinnati, OH on September 11, 2015. Josh will showcase the process and tools for WINsights, an easy, hands-on, step-by-step process that turns customer data into winning insights and opportunities. Josh is employed at the Disney Design Group, where he is researching trends and developing a new Design Thinking process that the Disney Research and Development group facilitates for Designers and Creative Directors. One of the projects Josh participated in at Disney looked at creating compelling, innovative, and immersive merchandise retail locations at the Disney Parks globally. Josh’s background includes many creative positions at Disney. He has a Master's of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the State University of New York College at Buffalo.

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Philadelphia Chapter Summer Sizzlers

Laurie Tema-Lyn,

The Philadelphia Chapter ushered in summer with a social and business gathering at the Independence Beer Garden, an outdoor retreat (or pop-up restaurant) in the heart of the city, overlooking the Liberty Bell Center. More than a dozen people (QRCA members and prospects) gathered in the summer heat to enjoy good food and conversation. Our business focal point was to generate content ideas for chapter programs and we captured a long list before the torrential rains came down.

philly chapter

On August 7 the Philadelphia Leadership team (sans Karen King who was on vacation) met at Karen Zimmerman’s lovely home for our annual Planning Retreat. Our practice for the past several years has been to hold a full-day summer meeting to reflect on what we have accomplished; identify goals, programming, and event organizers for the upcoming year; and problem solve around any open issues. This process makes lighter work throughout the year for all of us.

philly chapter

This summer we started off the meeting with an energizing, team-building activity: a drumming/percussion workshop. Bill Marconi, a professional musician who is known in the Philadelphia area for leading drum circles, presented the program. Bill is the spouse of Carolyn Marconi, our newest leadership member.

philly chapter
Left to right: Abby Leafe, Laurie Tema-Lyn, Karen Zimmerman, Deanna Manfredi, Mike Karchner, Carolyn Marconi, Nason Russ, Bill Marconi (Carolyn’s husband).

This was a terrific experience for us and seemed to have great payoff in the work that we did together during the day. I’m not a professional musician, but have occasionally incorporated drumming and rhythm play in team meetings and it has always proved to be fun and productive. If you want to know more, reach out to any of us.

Happy end of summer and see you in Orlando!

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