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September 2015
Vol. 14, Number 7

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Kay Corry Aubrey,

  • Joel Reish is the new VIEWS Editor in Chief beginning October; we wish him lots of success!
  • Toolbox editor Susan Saurage-Altenloh will take Joel’s place as Managing Editor.
  • Tamara Kenworthy has joined our staff as Schools of Thought editor.
  • We have an editorial team opening for a QRCA member who enjoys finding and getting to know writers.

Are you interested in becoming a VIEWS editor? Check out the following job description:

The Feature Editor works with authors and the Managing Editor to deliver one article each quarter for VIEWS. The feature editor’s responsibilities include:

  • Idea generation.
  • New article scheduling.
  • Securing authors to write the articles, and working with them to ensure the content is current, high quality, and interesting.

The Feature Editor works with their Managing Editor to ensure deadline delivery, that the submitted articles meet VIEWS editorial guidelines, and to obtain author agreement and release signatures.

The Feature Editor also attends quarterly meetings to discuss future articles and planning for the magazine.

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Back by Popular Demand: Hot Tips Contest!

Starting September 1 on the QRCA Forum

Kris Hodges,

TechCom is sponsoring the 2016 Hot Tips contest on the QRCA Forum. 

Submit your Hot Tip on business practices, new techniques, tools, apps, or a favorite website; anything you think could benefit your fellow QRC. 

Check out the Forum for the official details and rules. 

Start thinking about Hot Tips your fellow members may appreciate and submit them online!

Everyone will get some useful information, and a few lucky tipsters will receive $$ along with instantaneous fame if their tip is posted. 

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QRCA Committee/Task Force Reports — September 2015

Shannon Pfarr Thompson,

Annual Conference

  • Staff is generating a Keynote contract.
  • Staff is working on committee leaders' job descriptions for new leaders.
  • Staff is working on a press release to promote registration.
  • Staff is working on onsite logistics with the hotel for conference and evening events.
  • Staff is monitoring registration and doing regular promotions.
  • Chairs and staff meet bi-weekly. 
  • Keynote and breakout speakers are confirmed.
  • The Sponsor committee is making calls to previous supporters.
  • The Chairs are working with staff on conference logistics and marketing.

Chapter Health Task Force

  • The Task Force met on June 9 and July 8 to discuss next steps, plan research and further refine recommendations. Recommendations about content and regional conferences went to the Board for their August 10 meeting.

The next meeting is TBD.


  • The June issue went out June 10.
  • There was no July issue.
  • Content has been collected for the August issue, and launched August 7.
  • August 28 is the deadline for the September issue.



The committee met on June 19 to discuss the future direction of the committee and what information our members need about field issues.


The next meeting is TBD.

Industry Relations

Committee: The committee met on July 14 to discuss ongoing efforts at partner events and a process to standardize the way our liaisons communicate with partnering organizations.

The next meeting is on September 15.


  • Staff set up interviews for the committee members and scholarship candidates.
  • Staff sent follow-up information to all applicants.
  • Information was sent to all candidates and collected about the winners for a Connections article.
  • Laurie drafted a press release about the winners that will go out next week.
  • The committee met on June 11 to discuss all of the global scholarship applicants and to make a short list of people to interview.
  • Interviews of the six finalists for the two awards were done in teams.
  • The committee met on July 7 to choose the winners.
  • The committee has begun discussing what to focus on in addition to the global scholarships.

The next meeting is TBD.  

Investment Advisory Group


No update.

Marketing Committee

  • The committee met on July 27 and approved the brand recommendation that will be presented to the Board of Directors.
  • Each MarCom member is signing up as a liaison with one or more other QRCA committees to assist in assessing needs and implementing the new brand messages throughout the association.

The next full committee meeting is scheduled for August 24.


  • The mid-year membership campaign for the next three months launched in July. Phase 1 is email contacting past members and prospective members in the system. The campaign will consist of monthly emails to these groups with personal follow up.
  • A membership discount announcement went out on LinkedIn.
  • The committee met on June 17 to discuss the ambassador program, proposal for student pricing, YPG, member get a member campaign and other ongoing business.
  • The new Ambassador Program was launched with information sent to all chapter leaders.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 16.


  • Shannon has been coordinating meetings and the candidate list.
  • Nicki set up the online ballot with the candidate statements and videos.

The committee met on June 9 and June 18 to finalize candidates for the 2015-17 Board slate.

  • The slate of candidates was sent to members in July for their vote, with an August 14 deadline.
  • The committee will meet on August 19 to discuss officer recommendations.



The August Qcast has more than 100 people registered.


The committee is working to confirm speaker/topic for the remaining 2015 Qcasts.


  • Staff is sending out sponsorship promotions regularly and reaching out to past sponsors.
  • Staff continues to update the sponsor prospect list and keep live updates on outreach progress.
  • The committee met on June 15, July 22 and August 5 to discuss next steps for outreach to potential sponsors for the Annual Conference.
  • Committee members are calling sponsors to encourage participation and answer questions.
  • The next meeting is on May 18.


  • The Forum Digest continues to go out every Wednesday.
  • Laurie and other staff members contribute material to the QRCA Twitter feed and Facebook.
  • Forum promotion ideas are being discussed for on-site at conference.

The committee has split into teams and is focusing on specific activities for the website and Forum.


The next meeting is on August 13.


  • Laurie has worked with the committee and our publisher on the Fall magazine.
  • House ads have been created for the Fall issue, including a new one for the Annual Conference.
  • The committee met on July 10.
  • E&M Publishing has drafted the Fall VIEWS issue and the EIC, managing editors and staff have completed review. It is anticipated that the issue will be mailed no later than September 1 (earlier than originally scheduled to allow for better promotion of the Annual Conference).
  • Work is well underway for the Winter issue.
  • The next committee meeting is scheduled for October 2.
  • The committee welcomed Tamara Kenworthy as the new Schools of Thought Feature Editor.
  • Articles for the Winter 2015 issue are due to the feature editors by August 28.

Worldwide Conference


Staff drafted a budget for the Chairs to review.

  • The Chairs and staff met on June 19 and July 20 to discuss the theme, budget, sponsors, committee members and other details of the event.
  • On August 4 the Chairs and staff met with Susan Sweet and Pat Sabena of the Speaker Committee to discuss the conference theme, format and call for papers.

The next meeting is August 10.


  • Nicki created a YPG website banner and VIEWS ad.
  • Laurie followed up with several publications regarding the YPG.


  • Shannon and Laurie met with Monica Zinchiak on July 1 about YPG promotion.
  • Monica and Shannon reached out to potential grant partners.

39 people have applied to date.

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