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2020 QRCA Annual Conference

January 29-31, 2020
AT&T Executive & Education Conference Center
Austin, TX

During the 2020 QRCA Annual Conference, we are focusing on the soul of qualitative research: humanity. Our theme of Keep Qual Human is a call to action to explore how we navigate the rapidly-changing world of qualitative research. How do we stay true to the mission of understanding humans while embracing advances in technology? How can the technology of today help us empathize with people?

QRCA attendees eagerly embrace practical methods, tools and lessons from fellow members within qualitative and market research in general. We also want to inspire new thinking about best practices from outside our community and offer our attendees challenging, fresh perspectives.

Why should you attend?

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas

With a fresh location and array of cultural experiences offered, the 2020 QRCA Conference's provides more opportunities than ever before to connect with colleagues and forward-thinking qualitative research professionals. The AT&T Center is perfectly designed to deliver an engaging conference experience and is situated steps from the state capitol and campus within minutes of music-infused and historic neighborhoods.

Austin, Texas

Two Keynote Speakers

For the first time, attendees receive the benefit of two dazzlingly different perspectives on how to Keep Qual Human with Kristin Luck--whose career path blazed trails in the quantitative realm, and Naomi Henderson who has dedicated her life's work to elevating qualitative practice and the humans who conduct and participate in research.

Austin, Texas

Practical Learning vs. Theory

With this year's theme of Keep Qual Human, attendees will benefit from learning how to leverage the latest technology and techniques to immediately improve their practice, grow their business, and set the pace for the future of qualitative research. Speaker sessions will be led by industry experts, fresh new faces, and people from other professions to offer a balanced yet break-through learning experience.

Austin, Texas

Business Impact

Attendees from both the buyer and supplier side will have more chances than ever to connect with new technology and research partners throughout the conference experience and in the vast Marketplace to determine how to implement new learning from the sessions to life--through strategic partnerships and new suppliers of the latest in qualitative services. Spotlights offer bonus sessions during which tools are presented in a fast-paced series of case study demonstrations.

Austin, Texas

Colleague Connections

The QRCA Annual Conference is a dazzling combination of attendees--with an exponential engagement among brilliant qualitative first and second-timers to veteran colleagues equally eager to share their wisdom. Attendees rave about the open sharing and truly unique context of the QRCA Annual Conference where collaborations begin and never end.

And don't forget...

3 full days of workshops

Tailored to Your Needs

We arm ourselves with the tools to chart our best course within qualitative research today, both as researchers and professionals in this industry. Whether a conference first-timer or tenth-timer, a seasoned pro or qualitative research newbie, your business is sure to grow stronger!

Social receptions QRCA

Stronger Together

First-timers are often stunned by the amount of sharing that happens at this conference. We may be peer rivals, but we are all interested in enhancing the contribution and status of qualitative research in our industry.

Sponsor Marketplace

Access to Industry Vendors

The Marketplace offers a wide range of exhibitors, showcasing the latest tools and top-rated facilities. Meet up to 40 of them face-to-face.


Carolyn Burns
Carolyn Burns

I always learn new tools or tips I can immediately incorporate into my practice!

Kari Casciano
Kari Casciano

It was an honor to be a first-timer and YPG recipient at QRCA 2019! I walked away feeling connected to the industry and energized through new relationships and learning at the conference.

Mary Sayer
Mary Sayer

The QRCA conference always energizes our company, providing new ways to approach projects and new tools to add to our tool box. We actually received a new project based on some of the learnings we acquired at QRCA.



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