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This page provides details on each scheduled session and other program highlights for Friday, October 18. To see detailed information for the other days of the conference, please use the navigation links to the right.

Friday, October 18

7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

Healthy Connections

What better way to start your day than getting the chance to oxygenate your brain and wake your body by doing some exercise? This year, make sure to sign up for the Healthy Connections so you can be energized to fully take advantage of the wonderful sessions and networking opportunities the day brings.

Mission Beach Walking tour: Friday morning between 7am and 8am, a brisk walking tour or jogging for the more ambitious, will allow you to see beautiful Mission Beach and enjoy the fresh breeze of the Pacific Ocean on the waterfront boardwalk.
Note: we are currently seeking a volunteer to lead the jogging group.

7:45 – 9:00 a.m. Breakfast in Marketplace / Optional Chapter Meetings
9:00 – 10:00 a.m. Workshops

How Research Buyers Decide on a QRC, and the Value of QRCA
Presenters: Rebecca Bryant and Isabelle Albanese

Ever wonder why you get that project (or don’t) and someone else does (or doesn’t)? In early 2013, QRCA members from the Brand Communications committee were challenged to interview research buyers to understand their selection process for QRCs and to develop a creative brief for QRCA advertising. The objective of this work was to use the information to form a compelling position for the QRCA brand – and by extension QRCA members – as the top choice for all things qualitative.

The session will review the results of this research and discuss the:

  • Top factors influencing QRC selection and the reasons these factors are important
  • How clients go about finding their "go-to” QRC
  • Key points of difference of clients’ "go-to” QRC versus everyone else
  • Why some qualitative researchers get their repeat business - and others don't
  • Implications for QRCA member’s communications with current and potential clients

Target audience: QRCs seeking to build their business and better market themselves, and the value of QRCA to research buyers.

Bios: Rebecca Bryant, Bryant Research, LLC, conducts research that gets noticed. Her client work routinely supports new product development as well as communications campaigns across a wide mix of industry and government sectors including PetSafe, DenTek Oral Care, the CDC, University of Tennessee, Y-12 National Security Complex, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, US Department of Energy and the US Department of Defense. A former VP of research for Ackermann PR (an Inc. 500 fastest-growing private company, Council of PR Firm’s top 100 PR firm), she is the recipient of numerous PRSA and ADDY awards. Rebecca currently serves as QRCA’s BrandCOM chair.

Since 1999, Isabelle Albanese has led the highly regarded consumer insight-driven consulting firm, Consumer Truth® Ltd., where she has conducted brand positioning and communication validation efforts on behalf of Fortune 100 brands and clients. She wrote a book on identifying successful communications entitled, The 4Cs of Truth in Communications® and has spoken at conferences and written articles for 30+ on and offline publications. She has made multiple appearances on Chicago’s ABC TV News as an expert commentator on Superbowl advertising. Prior to starting Consumer Truth® Ltd., she was a Senior VP at JWT Advertising where she spent 11 years.

How to Use Blogging and Social Media to Enrich Your Business
Presenter: David Bauer

What is your connection with the Internet? Have you spent the past two decades collecting information and ideas and not given anything back in return? Could now be the time to make this a two-way relationship?

In this presentation, David shares his exploration into the world of blogging and social outreach. It will cover how to effectively use blogging and the Internet to advance your company or personal brand. He will recommend platforms for hosting and creating blogs, tips for writing impactful blog posts, and best ways to promote your blog through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Scribd, Vimeo, research industry sites, and publications.

Attendees will hear about the advantages of building stronger bonds with other researchers through blogging and social media outreach, improving thinking and writing skills, tapping into their own creativity and interests, building ideas they can share with clients, and how to ethically share elements they learn from clients.

Target audience: QRCs who are curious about starting their own blog and are seeking better ways to engage with social media for professional purposes, as well as experienced bloggers looking for ways to advance their writing skills.

Bio: David Bauer has spent nearly twenty years analyzing human perceptions, behaviors and the resulting implications for business strategy. He often prefers to uncover insights in people’s natural habitats: from c-stores and Parisian book stores, to auto repair shops and Swiss logistics facilities. He also conducts focus groups, in-depth interviews, and online and mobile research. David’s projects typically address brand strategy, advertising and design development, communications and web strategy, and product development. Prior to founding the consumer insights agency Hemispheres, he held positions at Q2 Brand Intelligence, Publicis, TATTOO brand consulting, Morla Design, and KQED fm. You can read David’s blog from his website www.hemispheresinsights.com.

Flavor Innovation: Using Hybrid Methodologies to Uncover the Link Between the Senses and Emotions
Presenter: Laura Boisier

One of the biggest challenges for flavor houses is to design the right flavor that translates the emotional engagement that consumers have to a specific product or brand. The presentation will describe the pathway from consumer's main emotional and functional expectations for mint in chewing gum directly to the consumer's sensory experiences.

Laure will present a multi-national (France, Germany and Russia) qualitative research case study which employed mixed methodologies (online community followed by sensory exploration workshops) to understand how a flavor company has transformed consumer needs and expectations on mint chewing gums into sensory properties that elicit product benefits.

The session will present

  • The link between flavors and emotions; for a complete understanding attendees will be able to test some product flavors.
  • An innovative approach to explore consumer's sensory experiences.
  • The potential of a dual approach, mixing an online ethnography research and a sensory workshop with consumers.

Target audience: For the QRC who wants to understand the benefits of a qualitative approach focused on consumer's sensory experiences.

Bio: Laure Boisier is the Qualitative Research Director and founder of Lb Qualitative Research (2008). Laure was the head of international and sensory qualitative research at eQual and has conducted research at Takasago European Perfumery Laboratory, the University of Queensland and L'Oreal Marque Lancome (cosmetics). After earning a Masters in Chemical Engineering at Lyon School of Chemistry, majoring in Product Development, she completed her academic path with a Masters in marketing and management at Rennes University. Laure Boisier has 15 years of experience in international qualitative research.

10:00 – 10:45 a.m. Break in Marketplace

10:45 – 12:15 p.m.

Keynote Presentation: Evaluating the Current and Future State of Qualitative Research
Presenter: Merrill Dubrow, President and Chief Executive Officer M/A/R/C Research

During this engaging 75 minute presentation, Merrill Dubrow, CEO of M/A/R/C Research, will analyze the current state of the QR industry, address where it is headed and present helpful advice to aggressively move your business forward and specific ways to better position yourself with clients.

Attendees of this lively session (which promises to include lots of excitement, surprises and giveaways), will leave feeling energized and with a different perspective about QR and running a business in exceptionally new ways.

Bio: With a passion for building strong relationships and a mission to drive innovation, For almost nine years Merrill has been leading this top full-service marketing research company into its fifth decade. He and his team form actionable research strategies and solutions by combining an intimate understanding of clients' business objectives with the design strength and marketing expertise required to drive business growth.

Merrill served on the MRA Board of Directors for six years and is a past National Treasurer. He currently Chairs the University of Wisconsin Advisory Board for the A.C. Nielsen Center, was a past President of the AMA Boston Chapter and Co-chaired two AMA Leadership Summits. In addition, he is a much sought after key-note speaker for industry conferences including AMA, CASRO, CMOR & MRA and as well as Northeastern, Boston, Emory and Hofstra universities and the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2006, Merrill has been the prolific author of The Merrill Dubrow Blog.

12:15 – 1:45 p.m. Lunch
1:45 – 3:00 p.m. Presenters: Chris Kann, Markus Kasunich

Creativity is a fundamental part of our true nature. It is an essential aspect in human expression, and it is especially necessary for qualitative researchers. This session will help attendees to cultivate a deeper understanding of the nature of creativity and how it works...

read more


Pushing the Envelope on Online Qual: Facebook, Video Journaling and More…
Presenter:Kristin Schwitzer

Have you been doing online qual for a while now and wondering what’s next? Come hear how one of QRCA’s early online and mobile pioneers is continuing down the online innovation pathway.

As Kristin continues to experiment with new ways to capture consumer insights via the use of technology, you’ll get a peek at the bleeding edge work she’s doing, as well as hear her thoughts on what is and is not working. Kristin will candidly share her experiences exploring the use of Facebook in research and working remotely via video over several months.

Two case studies will be featured:

  • Using a private Facebook group as the "community hub” for an advisory council with iGeneration and Millennials. Their weekly guidance is helping shape the launch strategies and marketing materials for a new US-based initiative.
  • Using video exclusively to hear from students on what’s it like to go back to college as adults, with footage captured via webcams, iPhones, iPads and Androids.

Attendees will leave this session energized about using online qualitative in new ways as soon as they get home!

Target Audience: QRCs who want to be inspired to stretch what they are doing with online qual and on how to successfully sell their innovative ideas to clients.

Bio: Kristin Schwitzer began her 26-year career at P&G as a brand manager and then worked agency-side in strategic planning and market research. Today, she is considered a pioneer and expert in online and mobile qualitative research, with one of her peers dubbing her the "Queen of Cool Research.” She founded Beacon Research in 2000, an independent qualitative research consultancy with a focus on using innovative methods to gather insights. She is a past Vice President of QRCA, the founder and past Chair of QRCA’s Online Special Interest Group, a RIVA-trained moderator and RIVA trainer, the founding Editor of Greenbook’s NewQual blog, and a frequent industry speaker.

Beyond Comfortable Shoes: A Practical Guide to Conducting Small- and Large-Scale Shop Along Studies
Presenter: Tom Rich

This session will provide an introduction to conducting shop-along studies, a rapidly growing methodology. Clients are increasingly emphasizing retail strategy and insights, and many are developing shopper insight groups within their research departments. These groups focus on understanding consumer attitudes and behavior at retail.

For those qualitative researchers with limited experience conducting interviews in retail environments, shop-along interviews present a variety of new challenges. This presentation will review the nuts and bolts of planning and executing successful shop along studies.

Subject areas will include:

  • Logistics, including recruiting, scheduling, retailer permission
  • Interviewing approach, including the 3-act structure, active vs. passive interviewing, use of stimuli, creative exercises, managing client participation
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Logistics of handling large-scale shop-along studies

Attendees will leave with an understanding of the intricacies of planning, budgeting and executing a shop-along study, as well as key differences between focus group interviewing and shop-along interviewing.

Target audience: QRCs who have little-to-no experience conducting qualitative research in a retail environment, or who would like to make such research a larger part of their practices.

Bio: Since establishing his firm in 1996, Tom Rich has conducted hundreds of research projects encompassing thousands of focus groups, one-on-one interviews and online studies. In 2007, the retail strategy and insights portion of his business began to grow rapidly, and Tom has completed dozens of engagements in that field since then. Tom also specializes in new product development, innovation, concept writing and brand positioning. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English, Tom began his career in advertising. After earning an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College, he worked in brand management for such companies as Unilever and Nabisco.

Tech Tools From a Tech Master
Presenter: Lester Greenberg

Are you being bombarded from all sides with the latest and greatest in technology? If so, you are not alone. We are all exposed, almost daily, to a barrage of the latest mobile apps, smartphones, computer hardware and software. At times, it is difficult to make heads or tails of it all. In our business lives, much of this technology is meant to improve our productivity and give us more time to produce quality deliverables to our clients. But, has this technology truly made you more productive? Or are you spending so much time learning how to use the newest tools, that you sometimes feel technology is getting in the way.

This presentation will explore how to deal with the many options we have for increasing our productivity in order to deliver a better product.

In this session attendees will learn about:

  • Productivity and how to make different technologies work together, both in the office and on the road
  • Combining systems in ways to increase productivity
  • The results of a small survey of moderators about what they are using to be more productive

Target Audience: QRCs who are interested in learning how to leverage technology in their lives, not become a slave to it.

Bio: Lester Greenberg is the QRC and Chief Geek at Research Tech. Lester has worked in the research industry for twenty years and in the qualitative arena for the last thirteen. Specializing in technology and healthcare, Lester helps companies to make sense of how their technologies will fit into the lives of ordinary people. Lester also works in the area of workflows and what people use to be productive. With a degree in Marketing and International Business, Lester also works heavily in global research, assisting firms with projects in multiple countries.

3:00 – 3:15 p.m. Break
3:15 – 4:15 p.m. InterChanges
4:15 – 5:15 p.m.


Design Research: Better Methods for Concept Ideation, Testing and Refinement
Presenter: Ken Miller

Many marketing and research managers believe the same qualitative methods they use for ongoing brand work are also right for inspiring and evaluating new product and package concepts. But the goals are very different and, therefore, demand different approaches.

Design research expects consumers to use multi-leveled abstract thinking to consider: usage occasions, performance dynamics, aesthetics, and brand imagery. That can be tough to do in a standard-issue focus group with typical concept boards.

This session will reveal successful methods for interacting with consumers that deliver focused feedback and actionable design direction, and have been proven to drive better decision-making in product and package innovation projects across industries.

Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of:

  • How innovation projects work, and the role and nature of design research
  • Changes they can make to methods currently used, in order to better address product and package innovation
  • How to work with consumers differently for new product development to gain focused, actionable and valid feedback
  • How to assist clients in redefining the "concept" and adding value in stimuli development and selection

Target Audience: QRCs who are interested in new tools and perspectives for product innovation and design research projects.

Bio: Ken has worked over 20 years in product and package innovation research and design strategy. He was a founder of One80 Design, an innovation and design consulting firm. In 2007 he formed KMG to work with CPG companies in product development and design research, and in 2009 secured a US Patent for his innovation methodology.

Ken has been responsible for driving the strategic design effort for product and packaging initiatives for clients such as 3M, Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, SC Johnson, Mars, Disney and many others.
Ken holds a BA in Psychology from Lafayette College, has completed graduate work in Industrial Psychology at Georgia Tech and received an MBA from New York University.

Beyond Idea Contests & Online Panels: Global Brands Get Serious About Crowdsourced Market Insights
Presenters: Sharon McIntyre

Today’s innovative global brands are using crowdsourced market research methodologies that have progressed far beyond the basic survey or online discussion panels, and "open crowd” idea contests. Advanced crowdsourcing techniques are engaging hard-to-reach customers in global insights and product innovation communities. This presentation will showcase how crowdsourced-driven, mixed methods market research can be part of a streamlined, iterative and transformed innovation funnel that taps the insights of an organization’s internal and external crowds.

This session will showcase recent case studies from an international telecommunications manufacturer, a major consumer packaged goods brand, and a global social innovation program.

Attendees will leave with:

  • New clarity why an online consumer panel or idea contest is not enough to gain deep market insight for game-changing innovation
  • An understanding of the range of services and approaches in the crowdsourcing landscape
  • A practical framework of do's and don'ts when implementing (qualitative and quantitative) crowdsourced market research at an enterprise level
  • Clear examples of how crowdsourcing technology and processes are being used for leading-edge market research programs

Target Audience: QRCs who are interested in crowdsourcing and wish to learn about next-generation practices and methodologies.

Bio: Sharon is a highly experienced marketing professional and doctoral social science researcher. Specializing in high-tech industry marketing and branding strategy, she also researches, writes, teaches and speaks about the intersection between location, innovation and technology. Sharon has held senior marketing positions and consulted in a variety of domains, including crowdsourcing, and has shared her passion for marketing and creativity with global corporations, start-up enterprises, public sector organizations, and students for over 20 years. Sharon is an Assistant Professor (Marketing) in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University, communicates in English and French, and holds dual Canadian and Irish (EU) citizenship.

Getting Better Video with Less Setup and Stress
Presenter: Ted Frank

We all want better video when we have to shoot it. But how many of us want to monkey around with the camera, especially when we’re late or already stressed?

In this session, we’ll set up a mock ethnography session, and show you how to go from your car to shooting in about a minute – with video output that looks and sounds nearly professional.

Ted will be sharing tricks from documentarians and the hundreds of ethnography sessions he has shot, and he will keep them simple, so you can put them to use right away.

He will also review camera features and gear that will help you, as well as those that will hold you back. So bring all your burning questions or even your camera, and let Ted make shooting videos a whole lot easier.

Attendees will come away with trade secrets that will make:

  • Setting up your camera easier and quicker
  • Your picture and sound much more professional
  • Buying the right equipment far less intimating
  • Interviews with video much less stressful

Target audience: QRCs who shoot video, or want to learn how to shoot videos, or wish to learn more about it.

Bio: Ted Frank heads Backstories Studio, a creative company that helps consumer insights departments and suppliers produce more impactful output.

Ted’s story starts shamefully as an advertising creative who didn’t value insights. After becoming creative director at Cheskin, though, he finally got to get close enough to truly feel consumers.

Now he and his colleagues bring advanced storytelling techniques from movies and advertising to provide a bridge, and help stakeholders not only understand insights, but become inspired to take action and begin using them in a whole new way.

Ted spoke at QRCA 2012, MRA 2013, and has been published in Quirks.

5:15 – 6:30 p.m. Farewell Cocktails
6:30 p.m. Dine-Arounds

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