2016 QRCA Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research
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Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference

Three days of Transformative Thinking

Vienna, Austria
April 13 - 15, 2016

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker Tamira Snell, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (Denmark)

Tamira SnellTamira Snell is the senior consultant and futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. She primarily focuses on the field of consumer and behavioral mega trends in the context of strategic and innovation purposes across various industries and sectors.

Tamira is an experienced futurist with a broad knowledge of trend implications and business model analysis with a people-centric approach. She specializes in the identification of opportunity spaces for innovation leading to clear definitions of value propositions and go-to-market models including new products and services, (micro) segmentation, persona creation, user experience journeys, channel strategy, etc.

Tamira has a solid experience in exploratory research methods, lifestyle and socio-cultural analysis. She also covers presentations and workshops on trend research and the methodological frameworks for analysis of mega trends and their business implications.

Elite Speakers

Rachel Abbott, The Behavioural Architects (United Kingdom)

Rachel has a background in anthropology and advertising, a combination of which led her to qualitative research. She worked at 2CV Research for 5 years, with a focus on social marketing and behaviour change research. Since joining The Behavioural Architects in 2013, she has deepened her knowledge of the behavioural sciences and applied it to a wide range of commercial and social consumer insight, behavioural change and strategic challenges. These include The Behavioural Architects' award winning study, steering drug adherence and healthier lifestyle behaviours among type 2 diabetes patients. Rachel is motivated by the opportunities behavioural science provides to generate deeper and more actionable insights for clients, and its potential for consumer empowerment. Past speaker/conference appearances include: 2012 AQR/QRCA global conference in Rome: 'Supercharged Qual: How Academic and Contemporary Theories can Increase Power to the Consumer Voice'; 2012 Presented Cello PLC's flagship Corporate Social Responsibility 'Talking Taboos' research at the Houses of Parliament; 2014 IMPACT; 2014 MRS Conference: 'Open your mind to the power of priming and experimentation', a sensory workshop with Professor Charles Spence; 2014 Guest speaker on Behavioural Economics at supermarket retailers' client conference; 2015 MWL INSIGHT 2015 conference; AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Research Excellence Award finalist paper; 2015 ESOMAR Global Qualitative Conference in Paris; Presenting Paper on 'New Frontiers in Qualitative Research: How to practically apply exciting new learning from across the behavioural sciences to enhance and invigorate qualitative research.'

Sofia Costa Alves, MindBrand (Brazil)

Sofia Alves is an international researcher, with a brilliant record of researching in Europe, USA & Latin America, both on the client side (Kimberly Clark & Nestle) and agency. Sofia moved from London to São Paulo in 2009 and opened her own qualitative research agency in 2011. She now leads Innovative Research & Co-Creation, meeting the needs of Brazilian companies looking for top-level insights and global companies looking to grow their brands in Brazil. Unilever, Mondelez, Whirlpool, Kellogg's, Colgate, Pepsico, and Campari are some of her clients. Sofia has a fiery can-do attitude and a highly sophisticated knowledge of the cultural nuances that can make or break market strategies. She aims for the highest levels of innovation and rigor, achieved through ground-breaking methodologies and creativity.

Claudia Antoni, Happy Thinking People (Germany)

Claudia Antoni is the Senior Project Director with Happy Thinking People in Berlin. She joined the Company in 1991 and has almost 25 years of experience in international market research. A student of comparative literature at the University of London, she lived (and worked) in London for 7 years. She is extremely curious about people, loves to push the boundaries of qualitative research, and is a keen believer in mixed methodological approaches.

Edward Appleton, Happy Thinking People (Germany)

Edward Appleton is the Director of Global Marketing with Happy Thinking People in Berlin. Edward has worked for more than 20 years in market research on both Agency and client sides. Prior to his current role, Edward was Senior Insights Manager with Coca-Cola in Berlin; before that he was European Insights Manager at Avery Dennison. His career started many moons ago with Mass Observation UK, which he left to join the Insights team at Nestle UK. He blogs regularly at www.researchundreflect.blogspot.de and for ESOMAR. Edward is bi-cultural English/German, speaks fluent French, is a member of the MRS UK and a founding Board Member of Mobile Research in the Mobile World (MRMW).

Steve AugustSteve August, FocusVision (United States)

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Steve is a pioneer in online qualitative research. He created Revelation, the industry leading platform for mobile diaries, insight communities and bulletin boards, which was acquired by FocusVision in 2014. A sought-after industry speaker and writer, Steve has lectured and hosted workshops for all the major market research associations and organizations, as well as authored articles for industry publications. Steve is passionate about design, technology and smart methodology and how they can be fused to get to the heart of everyday moments that reveal people's emotions and behaviors.

Daniel Berkal, The Palmerston Group (Canada)

Daniel Berkal is the SVP Innovation and a partner at The Palmerston Group. An accomplished researcher, Daniel has personally conducted literally hundreds of energetic focus groups of various sizes, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, accompanied shops, mystery shops, videographies and ideation sessions among consumers and professionals in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia. The recipient of the 2011 QRCA Qually for excellence in Qualitative Research, Daniel has worked on some of the most innovative brands in business and is best known for completely immersing himself in consumer environments. With projects featured in Fast Company and Forbes, he's been called "Hands down, the most unique, thought-provoking and game-changing qualitative researcher in the business. Period." He leads a team that was awarded back-to-back 2012 and 2013 Great Mind Awards by the Advertising Research Foundation in New York City. In 2013 he completed a 25-city speaking tour which included stops in Canada, the United States, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa. Daniel holds degrees from McGill University and The University of Texas at Austin.

Raji BonalaRaji Bonala, Vox Populi Research Pvt. Ltd. (India)

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Raji Bonala has more than 23 years of experience on both the supplier and buyer side. Her client side experience includes working with Kraft Foods in Dubai & Canada and Johnson & Johnson in Canada. She founded Vox Populi Research in 2008 with her partner and specializes in Qualitative research. Her strengths include business plan consulting, strategic counsel, application of research in positioning, concept & advertising development, product development and innovation work.

Raji comes from a management background and has done a course in social-cultural Anthropology from the University of Toronto. She is passionate about consumer insight, cultural understanding, an outsider-in perspective on India, having lived outside the country. She is also an avid reader and likes to apply the knowledge gained from different subject matters like Psychology, Sociology, Mythology to her work.

In the past, she has presented at MRSI, AQR/QRCA 2014, organized a Workshop for the MRS Annual Conference Impact 2015, London: ‘Jugaad’ (frugal innovation) in positioning research and presented a paper on ‘The Karma of give and take’: ESOMAR Qualitative, Paris, Nov, 2015. She has also published articles in QRCA Views (Winter 2014), AQR in-depth, MRS Impact WARC 2015, QRCA Views (Winter 2015).

Rebecca BryantRebecca Bryant, Bryant Research, LLC (United States)

Rebecca Bryant, owner of Bryant Research, LLC (USA), brings more than 20 years of marketing research experience to client work that includes communications research, brand positioning, customer value determination, as well as new product development. An advanced RIVA-trained moderator, she is well steeped in qualitative research methods and completely passionate about continuing education. It is this passion coupled with client need for cross-cultural learning that fueled interest in this collaboration with colleagues in Norway and in Germany. Her client work, which has been recognized by both ADDY (Advertising) and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) awards, also has withstood the scrutiny of the United States Federal Court. She enjoys collaborative learning, creative problem solving and continues to guest lecture at her alma mater, the University of Tennessee. Rebecca holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Priyam Chawla, Vox Populi Research Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

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Priyam Chawla has done her post-graduate work in Psychology and has more than two years of experience on the supplier side. She works in the qualitative department at Vox. She specializes in ethnographic, exploratory, communication testing and positioning research. She has experience in working with categories like Confectionery, FMCG, E-commerce, Beverage, Technology. She is interested in learning different languages and is currently learning what she claims is her first love, the French language. She is also interested in traveling and watching foreign language movies to gain cultural understanding. Priyam co-authored an article on conducting research in the Middle East for QRCA VIEWS magazine, Winter 2016 edition.

Abbey ClemensAbbey Clemens, Tonic Insight (United Kingdom)

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Abbey has 10 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, where she has worked across a range of sectors and projects in multiple markets around the world. Abbey's work focuses around depth of understanding of consumer motivation and behavior and implications for brands. She presented at the AQR 2015 conference as well as the annual AURA seminar in 2015.

Lesley CroskeryLesley Croskery, In Focus Qualitative Research (South Africa)

With a modern languages degree and six years of conducting multi-country research at Taylor Nelson Healthcare in the UK, Lesley joined Research International South Africa in 1994, the year of the first democratic elections and a transformative point in the history of the country. Passionate about both exploring and conducting qual research in Africa, Lesley started In Focus Qualitative Research in 2003, and is based in Cape Town. Deliberately small, the company remains focused on getting the best out of its research with director level attention at all stages.



Shannon DanzyShannon Danzy, Danzy Consults (United States)

Shannon Danzy is an independent qualitative research consultant specializing in online methods. She has 15 years of experience in marketing research and brand planning within the communications industry at advertising agencies, media companies and non-profits. During this time, she has led the development of award-winning strategies and the execution of business building research projects for Fortune 500 companies, UNICEF and the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

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Alexandre Didier, Smartfrogs (France)

A 10 year experience spent in practicing qualitative research and semiotics to serve a consumer-centric marketing consultancy that cuts to the chase, for many leading brands from various industries such as food & beverage, wine & alcohol, pet food, health & beauty care, household products, technology and communications, automotive, tourism, finance & banking...

Specialties: Qualitative methodologies, semiotics, ethnography, exploratory research, brand positioning, NPD programs, insight platform generation, concept labs, advertising and packaging research.

Marc EngelMarc Engel, Engel Research Partners (United States)

Marc Engel combines the mindset of a marketer, the analytical discipline of an attorney, the agility of an improvisational performer, and the edginess of a comedian. He is principal and founder of Engel Research Partners, a perspectives company, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which involves a mix of qualitative and quantitative marketing research, strategic consulting and creative ideation facilitation. He began his research career on the quantitative side in 1988 and shifted to qualitative in 2002. He was a partner at B/R/S Group before venturing out on his own in 2010. Marc has written and performed comedy since 1988. He was in two improv and sketch comedy troupes with Kristen Wiig, wrote a screenplay optioned by a Hollywood production company, co-wrote and co-starred in a theatrical play, had his parody songs aired on the nationally syndicated Howard Stern Show, and is frequently called upon to emcee charity events and perform at business conferences. As a counter-balance to the fun and creativity, he is also a member of the California Bar. Marc draws on his diverse experience to make the research sessions he runs more engaging for participants, more enlightening for clients and, in the process, more entertaining for everyone (he hopes!). He uses improv directly in an ideation technique he developed in 2010 called Out of Focus Groups™. Marc has a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University, a J.D. from the UCLA School of Law, and a shot glass from the University of Oxford, where he studied Philosophy Politics & Economics for a year.

Tory GentesTory Gentes, The Palmerston Group (United States)

Tory Gentes travels the world and talks to strangers. Tory has been throughout North America, Africa, and Asia collecting ground-level insights from individuals, CEOs, founders, NGOs, and community members that she leverages to solve business problems. With a background in entrepreneurship, leadership, and business, Tory has also managed numerous initiatives for Academic Institutions, NGOs, businesses and international organizations. Specializing in immersive methodologies, Tory has conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, ideation sessions, surveys, and workshops. Most recently, Tory was the recipient of the Young Professionals Grant from QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association). As an ethnographic market researcher for the Palmerston Group, Tory has completed a multitude of cutting-edge, award winning domestic and international projects.

Agnieszka GornickaAgnieszka Gornicka, Inquiry (Poland)

During almost 25 years of her career in market research, Agnieszka has witnessed most of market development in post-communist countries, and finds it as thrilling now as it was in the beginning! Having served dozens of clients in hundreds of projects, Agnieszka is among the most experienced specialists in her country, with a strong qualitative and quantitative background. Her experience includes five years as a Customized Research Manager at ACNielsen and nearly 12 years at Inquiry as the Managing Director and founder. Inquiry, a full service research agency, was created in 2004 with a team of professional co-workers. Being an international hub, Inquiry is responsible for research services in Russia, Poland and other countries of the CEE region. Specialties: Qualitative Research, Advanced Moderating, In-store Methods, Observational & Ethnographic Studies, Online and Mobile Qual.

Tone Graaten, Moods Qualitative Research (Norway)

Tone Graaten founded Moods Qualitative Research in June of 2010, with long time qualitative researcher Anita Lynne, just a year and a half after they met and discovered they shared a passion for qualitative research. Located city-center in Oslo across the street from the National Museum of Art and just blocks from the Opera House, Moods concentrated, from the beginning, on tailoring their approach to each client's specific needs. This passionate dedication to keeping their toolbox full of up-to-date options resulted in exciting growth. Moods has flourished over the past five years and now works with some of Norway's most renowned brands in FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and retail; media; banking and finance; telecom, NGOs and in the public sector. A graduate of BI Norwegian Business School in marketing management, Tone, along with her partner Anita, continue to make learning a priority. It is this appetite for excellence that fueled interest in this self-funded project.

Charlotte HagerCharlotte Hager, Comrecon Brand Navigation (Austria)

Charlotte Hager is founder and owner of the comrecon Brand Navigation Institute in Baden near Vienna. Beside the quantitative and qualitative methods of market and motive research, she and her institute focus on new methods. Creative and innovative tools are combined with traditional methods. Just like LEGO® Serious Play® linked to focus groups. The goal is to deliver consumer insights for better marketing strategies and consumer experiences.

Charlotte is a Semiotician and believes that it is becoming more and more necessary to convey the right signs, codes and messages regarding any kind of advertising or branding message to reach the motives and attitudes of the people. All comrecon research is semioticly grounded.

Specialities: Qualitative Methodologies, Semiotic Research, Brand Positioning, Employer Branding, Advertising and Packaging Research, Customer Experience Research, Customer Journey, Creative Methodologies like LEGO® Serious Play® and Constellations Work.
She is also a lecturer of advertising psychology at the Vienna Advertising Academy.

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Rebecca Harrison, Relish Research Ltd (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Harrison is the Head of Qualitative at Relish Research Ltd. Rebecca joined Relish in August 2015 with the remit to grow the Qualitative team in size, breadth and depth of skills and international presence. Rebecca was previously Qualitative Group Director at TNS UK responsible for developing a number of global accounts and prior to this held Director positions at Added Value and The Leading Edge (London). Rebecca's formative career was spent honing her international Qualitative skills and passion for people and culture by working with a number of agencies across different continents from AMI and InsightAsia in Asia, to Escario&Asociados in Spain and The Leading Edge in Australia.

Jeffrey JohnsJeffrey Johns, Northstar Research Partners (United Kingdom)

Jeff joined Northstar in 2007 after completing his Master's in International Public Policy at University College London, a course heavily rooted in research methodologies and practical applications. Since being at Northstar, Jeff has subsequently advanced his research expertise through the different dimensions offered in international studies: exploring his interest in both quantitative and qualitative projects, from multi-market focus group research to large-scale quantitative studies. At Northstar, Jeff has conducted studies for a wide variety of clients, including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and CIBA Vision. Over the past few years, he has become particularly experienced in running large-scale qualitative FMCG and automotive research projects in the Europe, the CIS region and further afield. Having jumped across the 'pond' from the US in 2005, Jeff continues to pursue his goal of experiencing as much of the world as possible: whether that be for work or for play! Jeff holds a B.A. (Hons) in International Relations and an M.A (Distinction) in International Public Policy.

Maria KreuzerMaria Kreuzer, Institut für Marketing - Strategieberatung (Austria)

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Maria Kreuzer has been a Brand Consultant since 2008 for national and international brands. She holds a Ph.D., has 2011 Publications in major academic journals (Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing), Is a Conference Lecturer for Qualitative Research and Brand Management at Innsbruck School of Management, International University of Monaco.

Ilka KuhagenIlka Kuhagen, IKM (Germany)

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Ilka Kuhagen is CEO of IKM GmbH based in Munich, Germany and co-founder of Think Global Qualitative.

IKM specializes on consulting for qualitative research for b2b and healthcare and international research. Clients of IKM are international corporations that focus the European market but also German companies interested in global markets. Ilka has started very early to use online tools for qualitative research and loves to combine methodologies to best address different target groups. The regular self-funded research-on-research projects allow IKM to offer the latest tools for global research. Since 2014 Ilka is also approved facilitator for ideation and creative problem solving and hosts workshops for her clients.

Janina KuhagenJanina Kuhagen, IKM (Germany)

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Janina Kuhagen works as a senior project manager within IKM. She has gained wide project experience in ethnographic interviews, focus groups and in-depth interviews and has extensively worked in international, qualitative online research and across multiple industries. Janina has previously worked for Siemens IT Systems, the public relations firm Wunderman, in Telefonica's online marketing team and most recently as EMEA Partner Marketing Manager at Intel Security. She is volunteering as Coordinating Ambassador for One Young World.

She graduated from WU Vienna with a Master of Science in International Management and CEMS Master, ESADE Barcelona.

Nikki LavoieNikki Lavoie, MindSpark Research International, LLC (France)

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Nikki Lavoie worked in market research in the United States for several years before relocating to France in 2011 to continue working internationally. She is a trained moderator with a certificate in projective techniques, behavioral economics and emotional intelligence, and has numerous on and offline studies under her belt. She specializes in cross-cultural research, having conducted research in numerous countries (and languages) around the world. Nikki looks to continue being an active member of the research community, and enjoys learning from and sharing with her colleagues and peers.

Lynne MeisnerLynne Meisner, L. Meisner & Associates Inc. (Canada)

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Lynne Meisner is President of L. Meisner & Associates Inc. Lynne is a marketing research consultant who for over 20 years has provided strategic research consulting to a broad range of industries, with a specialty in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Lynne has conducted thousands of focus groups and IDIs with physicians, patients and allied healthcare professionals, helping her clients successfully launch new drugs, new indications, reposition products, explore new therapeutic areas, and develop effective communications and disease management strategies. Lynne holds an M.Sc. from Cornell University in Microeconomics and Marketing.

Jim Mott, BAMM London (United Kingdom)

Jim is an Associate Director at BAMM London, a Visual Thinking agency specializing in photojournalism and ethnographic research. Graduating from the UCL Anthropology department in 2009, Jim has worked in commercial research for six years and has presented papers at Mediacom Engage, MRS Luxury and the AQR 'Being Human' conferences.

Kajel Patel, Relish Research Ltd (United Kingdom)

Pascal PatenaudePascal Patenaude, Patenaude Research & Communications (Canada)

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Pascal Patenaude has more than 15 years of experience in the qualitative research industry. He's an adroit moderator, specializing in moderating for other moderators, with an average of 150 focus groups and 75 individual interviews per year. Pascal has experience with all types of participants, ranging from teenagers to medical specialists. The fact that Pascal is bilingual enables him to work on projects in both English and French. A keen sense of observation and insatiable curiosity make him a natural researcher. His background in theatre arts has left him with a charismatic presence matched with a talent for reading people and the ability to respond quickly to changes. His interpersonal skills make him a strong addition to any project team. Pascal brings a dynamic, creative, flexible and human approach to his work. He has a deep understanding of the French Canadian culture and brings insightful observations in order to understand the core of those similarities and differences. Pascal is also experienced with advanced online techniques such as bulletin boards, online focus groups, webcam interviews and moderating online communities throughout the world.

Simon Patterson, QRi Consulting (United Kingdom)

Simon Patterson set up QRi in 2010 following 25 years at CRAM International. He joined CRAM as a Research Executive and rose to become Managing Director and a Director of their online sister agency QiQ International. He still personally conducts ECGs, Focus Groups and IDIs and watches behind screens and viewing mirrors around the world. Simon is a Fellow of MRS, a Chartered Psychologist, a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University and Chair of the AQR, for whom he also chairs the judging of the Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Award.

Luke Perry, Jigsaw Research (United Kingdom)

Luke Perry has been a qualitative practitioner for more than 10 years and has authored and presented award winning papers at a number of industry platforms both in the UK and Europe. These have included MRS Conference 2005 UK: The Agenda for the Next Generation (Winner of Best Contribution, and Best New Comer); AURA 2010 UK - The Business of understanding people; Joint ESOMAR Qualitative 2010 Barcelona: Behavioural Economics a new business framework; AQR/QRCA 2012 Rome - Behavioural Economics and qualitative research: The ethical debate. Joint winner of the 2012 MRS Award "BE or not to BE?" presented at the BIG 2012 conference 2015: ESOMAR Congress Dublin: Is this an Insight?

Jean Paul Petitimbert, Smartfrogs (France)

A former Planning Director in the advertising industry, JP has been in the research business for 20 years and is now a Qual Research Director. In total, he has acquired a 30 year experience with brands, on the consulting front for domestic or international blue chip clients' CMOs and CROs, in the following fields: Comms in general (B2C, advertising, pack and graphic design, visual identity, CRM, but also B2B); Brand strategy (internal and external brand culture audits, brand platform definition, product or brand portfolio management); Consumer segmentation and target profiling; Insights (market insights, advertising insights, consumer and shopper insights); NPD (from identifying market gaps, via finding growth triggers, through to inventing and implementing solutions); Evaluation and optimization of consumer or shopper propositions (at concept stage or further) thanks to a robust mastery of: qualitative research (the whole array of methods: ethnography, F2F, group discussions, etc.), cultural analysis (categories or brands), and semiotics at local as well as international levels.

Erica Page Plachter, Mars Research (USA)

Oana Popa RengleOana Popa Rengle, MAPPERS (Romania)

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Oana Popa Rengle is the Research Innovation Director and co-founder at Mappers. Oana has a lifelong passion for qualitative research, having managed an edgy boutique qualitative research company for 10 years before co-founding Mappers. Oana's current role involves restless exploration, experimenting, sometimes failing and starting new and (hopefully, eventually) finding better, fresher, more adaptive ways to approach research. In addition to being a research practitioner, Oana is a certified Idea Generation and Creative Problem Solving processes facilitator, and a psychotherapist practicing Child & Family Systemic Psychotherapy.

Noah Roychowdhury, Northstar Research Partners (United Kingdom)

Noah brings more than 17 years of brand and marketing strategy experience to the team. Prior to joining Northstar, Noah was in senior brand consulting roles both client side as a senior member of Hutchison Whampoa's global brand group and agency side with the brand consultancy Heavenly. In this time he developed a specialism in the telecom, energy and professional services segments. Noah has also spent a significant time working for the strategic consultancy unit within the Cabinet Office (COI) advising diverse UK government departments such as Home Office, Number 10, FCO, DFID and international governments on marketing strategy and brand development. In 2010, Noah was promoted to the leadership group and oversaw a matrix of marketing, research and consultancy projects of £90million. After completing his MBA, Noah started his career with WPP where he worked on a variety of roles across companies such as J Walter Thompson, The Henley Centre and Goldfarb Consultants. Noah is an alumnus of the London Business School.

Sergey SheykhetovSergey Sheykhetov

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Sergey is the Head of Qualitative Practice at TNS East Africa. He has 12 years of experience in the marketing research handling projects in Africa, Middle East, Russia, CIS, Central Europe, Germany and USA. He has provided consultancy and business insights to key global and regional clients, such as JTI, Samsung, Visa, MasterCard, Diageo, Bacardi, Efes, Hyundai. Sergey is specializing in the FMCG and telecom research. His favorite research methods are online, ethnography and cultural anthropology. Sergey has a PhD degree from the University of California (USA) and MA degree from the Central European University (Hungary).

Ben Skelton, Quadrangle Research Group (United Kingdom)

Ben Skelton has 25 years in and around the research industry, including stints and careers in PR, branding, consultancy and planning.

Peter Totman, Jigsaw Research (United Kingdom)

Peter has 30 years of research experience. Countless groups and depths, multiple conference appearances, long term Board member at AQR. Passion undimmed. (Kind of.)

Patrice Wooldridge, Wooldridge Associates, Inc. (United States)

Patrice Wooldridge has extensive qualitative and quantitative marketing research education and experience on client, advertising, and supplier sides, including: Dr. Scholl, UNOCAL, Tatham/Euro RSCG, and Bayer Bess Vanderwarker (now owned by FCB). Patrice has a deep and clear understanding of needs, applications, and analysis. Patrice has a M.A. in Counseling and M.B.A. in Marketing. Patrice is a consistent innovator of new ways to collect, explore, and analyze data, especially using new technologies. Patrice is often asked to give presentations to peers at professional conferences. Patrice is the principal researcher for two Ogilvy award-winning campaigns and has successfully run Wooldridge Associates since 1991.

Patrick Wooldridge, Wooldridge Associates, Inc. (United States)

Patrick Wooldridge has more than 25 years of experience conducting and supporting marketing research studies. He has education and experience in a broad range of technical fields: Medicine, Pharmaceutical Computers, Scientific Instrumentation Banking, Investments, Finance Accredited computer and technology consultant. Patrick is an excellent listener, teacher, and group facilitator as well as a retired firefighter/paramedic and EMS educator. Patrick has more than 30 years of teaching experience.

Poster Presenters

audrey hendersonAudrey Henderson, Knowledge Empowerment (United States)

Audrey Henderson is the founder and owner of Knowledge Empowerment, a Chicago-based independent research and writing consulting practice. As a writer, researcher, data analyst and policy analyst, Audrey specializes in sustainable development in the built environment broadly and specifically in affordable housing, policy related to the arts and popular culture, socially responsible travel and personal finance.

Audrey has been an invited presenter at Chicago Green Festival (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014), Chicago Green Tech U (2014), Techweek Chicago (2015), and the Do Good Data Conference (2016, forthcoming). Along with Dan Fehrenbach of Sprout Social (formerly with Elevate Energy), Audrey was also a runner up in the inaugural Center for Neighborhood Technology Urban Sustainability Hackathon held in October 2012 for their project entitled Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings.

Jenny KarubianJenny Karubian, Lotus Research (United States)

Jenny Karubian specializes in agile research methods and quick turnaround projects using digital qualitative methods such as online focus groups and IDIs, online bulletin boards and mobile research. Originally trained as a cultural anthropologist, Jenny has a strong background in ethnographic methods. She is a current member of the QRCA and is currently the National Director for Education for the Southeast Chapter of the MRA.

Jim Longo, Discuss.io (United States)

Jim Longo Discuss.IO, Co-Founder - Jim brings 25+ years of domain expertise in the market research industry. He was instrumental in building the first global online qualitative research practice while at Harris Interactive where they conducted more than one thousand online groups in the first three years of its existence. He has consulted with brands and research agencies around the world on how to have insightful online conversations. Jim formerly served as a Director at Large for the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and was Chairman for the MRA Trends and Technology Committee, He is also a member of the QRCA.

Tomas Rudolf, Insiqua (Czech Republic)

Marketing manager at Unilever from 1995 to 2002. Established Insiqua in 2004. Led many national and international research projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Amanda Stockwell, 352 Inc. (United States)

Caroline VolpCaroline Volpe, Compass Market Research LLC (United States)

Caroline is a seasoned market research consultant with over 17 years of experience in designing and executing market research to meet clients' strategic and tactical business needs primarily for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device clients. Her experience encompasses both US domestic and global projects. She is an independent market research who started her own company 3 years ago and is president of Compass Market Research LLC. In addition to QRCA, she (or her company) is a member of CASRO, ESOMAR, EphMRA, PMRG, MRA and MMRA.

Jay ZaltzmanJay Zaltzman, Bureau West (United States)

Jay Zaltzman is a member of ThinkGlobal Qualitative, an international alliance of qualitative researchers. He has been involved in a wide variety of multi-country projects. Back in the U.S., Jay has been president of Bureau West Research Group for the past 20 years. He is an active member of the QRCA and is currently serving on the association's board of directors. Jay was born in New York and moved to Israel as a child. He received his first qualitative research training in the Israel Defense Forces, where he was an interviewer of candidates as part of the recruitment process. After his military service, he completed a BA in Psychology at Tel Aviv University. He began his career in market research after returning to the U.S. He currently lives in Palm Springs, CA, where he is co-founder of Salon for the Parched, a local think tank.

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