2016 QRCA Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research
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Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference

Three days of Transformative Thinking

Vienna, Austria
April 13 - 15, 2016

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Why Attend?

10 Reasons to put Vienna in your calendar for 13-15 April

  1. Transformation: At QRCA’s 2016 Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research, you won’t be just a passive listener. You won’t just be informed. You’ll be transformed by a symphony of thinking and discovery, and come away with a fresh slant on our world and our work.
  2. MegaTrends: It’s all about leading into the future and staying at your peak. Who better to kick-start that thought process than our keynote speaker, quallie-turned-futurist Tamira Snell? Leverage megatrends and their implication on the future in your world.
  3. Expert Curation: The amazing team of Susan Sweet, Pat Sabena, and Sarah Davies has curated this program, selecting the most brainy, informative, innovative and brain-stretching options designed to transform your thinking and re-energize your practice.
  4. Fast, Immersive Format: Break away from the traditional conference model with 20-minutes sessions interspersed with tons of time for discussion and collaboration. It’s all in one room, so you don’t miss a thing!
  5. Really Fresh Content: Every bit of the presentation content is new, not recycled from another conference. And we’ve got a no-pitch/all value policy — no one can buy a trip to the podium.
  6. Networking Near and Far: Make new connections with international colleagues and connect with old friends to expand your business horizons.
  7. Challenging Topics: Dig into ground breaking, stimulating topics like Bronies, improv, secret-keeping, and multi-sensory sculpting to challenge you, inspire you, and propel your business forward. Our 38 edgy, challenging, multisensory sessions are built around 9 leading-edge themes:
    • Using All of Our Senses
    • Seeking the Deeper Truth
    • Harnessing Innovation
    • In the Moment with Improv
    • What it Means to be a Consultant Today
    • Freud & Friends
    • Taking Old Paradigms into the Future
    • Cross-Cultural Exploration & Contrasts
    • Behavioral Sciences: Opening Minds
  8. QRCA’s Warm Spirit: QRCA experts create an environment like no other. Our passionate, collaborative experts will welcome you with open arms — no matter how you touch qualitative.
  9. Global Perspective: With 45 speakers from 15 countries on 5 continents, no other conference delivers such a global roster of qualitative experts.
  10. Vienna: Explore Vienna’s rich history of nurturing intellectual, scientific, and artistic talent, and take advantage of its central location. Travel Europe in the Spring! Be among the few to experience Vienna’s vibrant café culture, an important part of the intellectual life of the city. Reserve your space now — openings are limited!
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