2017 Conference - Free Listening Session

Time-Sensitive, Limited Seating, and FREE Wednesday Night Option

Ben Free Listening

In conjunction with his presentation on the last day of the conference, Benjamin Mathes, founder of LA-based Urban Confessional and the Free Listening Project (www.UrbanConfessional.org), will conduct a Free Listening Workshop on the first evening of the conference, in lieu of a traditional Dine-Around. To those selected to attend, Benjamin will first brief everyone on the principles and guidelines about Free Listening. Then, participants will scatter throughout the neighborhood around the hotel, stand in one spot where there’s some foot-traffic, hold a piece of torn cardboard with “Free Listening” scrawled on it, and wait for passers-by to take advantage of the opportunity to be listened to. No agenda. No discussion guides. No observers through the one-way mirror. No reports. Just you and a stranger — you listening to them about whatever they want to share. Afterward, all Listeners will convene at a restaurant to share their experiences. So, it’s a hands-on learning opportunity and a dine-around — wrapped up into one amazing evening.

Other than the cost of your own dinner in the debrief session, there is no charge to participate in this workshop. However, this opportunity is limited to 20 participants. Those who register by October 31 will be entered into a draw to participate in this unique event. We will draw other names from the pool to be put on a “Wait List” in case anybody in the original pool bows out at the last minute. To be clear, you must register by October 31 to have a chance to participate. Be sure to indicate on the registration form if you are interested in being entered into the draw.

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