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Roundtables – 2019 QRCA Annual Conference
2019 Annual Conference Roundtables

January 30–February 1, 2019
Hyatt Regency Savannah in Savannah, GA USA

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THURSDAY 3:25 pm - 4:15 pm

A Hack-a-Thon for Quallies
by Allison Rak
Are you looking for ways to do better, faster work while maintaining your sanity? Have you figured out some ways to do this already? If the answer is yes to both of those, this roundtable is for you! Come join a lively discussion to share tips, tricks, tools and techniques to scale your business and deliver better results. Come armed with at least one thing to share - it can be research-specific, or more generally about running a small business. It can be a tool, a method you use, or a resource you’ve leveraged. If it’s helped you, it’s worth sharing. We’ll put our brains and experience together so that we all leave this mini hack-a-thon with much more than we came with.
Tips and Tricks 'Swap Meet' for Online Moderators
by Jeff Walkowski
This roundtable discussion is intended for experienced online moderators. The discussion leader will have attendees identify problem areas (pain-points) in the online qual project process, then will guide the group to share solutions and brainstorm about tips and tricks that could help resolve those issues. Led by Jeff Walkowski, one of the pioneers in the online arena, with over 20 years of experience.
Yes, you should consider Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) tools!
by Dr. Kristi Jackson
Do you already use QDAS like NVivo, MAXQDA, and Atlas.ti in your work or are you interested to learn more about what they offer? Come join us for a lively roundtable to share tips and tricks on how to maximize these cool programs to turbo charge the analysis and synthesis of your qualitative research.
Why having a report-writing plan makes it easier to write it
by Ashish Maheshwari
The session aims to share starting points as one plans a report. Common roadblocks along the way, such as moving forward, starting over, or jumping in the end do not necessarily lead to drowning. At the end of this session, you will have a framework to reference to support your efforts throughout the process.
Oh No! Not Homework!
by Caroline Volpe
We all know that “homework” can be used as an invaluable precursor to qualitative market research. But, it can be difficult to get the professional participants' buy-in to do the homework. This roundtable will explore what works well and what does not when it comes to optimizing the use of homework with professional (e.g., B2B, physicians) respondents.
Building your business with high-value, long-term client relationships
by Jessica Broome
Winning new clients is no easy feat. New business development can be a challenge so it makes sense to identify and build long-term relationships with key clients. Based on her experience building lasting relationships and getting repeat business with agencies and brands, Jessica Broome will lead a conversation about ways to identify and cultivate long-term relationships.
Rising Consumer Expectations: How can your company adapt?
by Isabel Aneyba
What will consumers and clients want next? How will you adapt to deliver?
Consumer expectations and behaviors are constantly changing. We will discuss three rising consumer expectations and its implications for researchers. You’ll walk away inspired with new understanding of consumers/clients and ideas for stronger business models and research methods.
Innovation Mind-Set Tips and Tricks
by Marta Villanueva
Innovation requires thinking differently and developing an innovative mindset. Come learn and discuss the techniques top innovators use to uncover the new. Marta will share tips and tricks of brands like Coca-Cola and authors like Idea Stormers' Bryan Mattimore.
Smooth sailing in global waters
by Ilka Kuhagen
Global research can be a challenge, so project management is key. Lets discuss how to best approach multilanguage and multicultural projects.
Personal Productivity
by Susan Abbott
There’s a lot to do, and many demands on your time. How to keep on top of it all and don’t let anything fall through the cracks. I’ll share my methods – a patchwork of analog and digital tools that works for me -- and hope to learn yours too. If you love colored highlighters, plastic sticky tabs, and paper notebooks, this session is for you.
The Young Professional Exchange: Career and Life Hacks to Supercharge your Growth
by Marilisa Beatty
Young Professionals have much to offer the research industry, but we also face unique challenges upon entering and establishing ourselves in our careers. Come learn and share tips, tricks and hacks among other YPs, to supercharge success and optimize career growth in qualitative research
Kids Teens and Their Parents: Important Research Partnership
by Pam Goldfarb Liss and Lorie Poe
Today's modern family creates a new and evolving dynamic for today's researcher interested in capturing kids and teens. Never forget that mom and dad hold the purse strings, but kids and teens are often equal partners and/or heavy influencers in major family purchases. This unique dynamic makes an important partnership researchers can create that produces exciting insights for our clients. Come discuss tools and techniques to involve parents in kid and teen conversations that produce even better results.

FRIDAY 10:30 am - 11:20 am

UX: From the Lab and Beyond
by Russell Edwards
When hearing the term, “user experience” (UX) research, it may be easy to associate it with improving the user interface (UI) of a given app or website. But the reality is that user experience goes far beyond interfaces, and even beyond digital products. During this roundtable, we’ll come to a working definition of UX by drawing on case studies, as well as discuss specific examples of how to generate UX insights outside of a lab setting.
Getting Behind Closed Doors with Role Play
by Elizabeth George
In every industry, there are conversations and decisions that happen behind closed doors, which researchers struggle to understand. While observational research is the gold standard – cost, regulations, and logistics may prevent us from being able to conduct ethnography in every environment. For example, it is not always practical or reasonable to expect to insert a researcher into a patient exam room, the office of a wealth management executive, or in our consumer’s bedrooms. These hard-to-reach situations are a great opportunity to leverage role-play as a research tool. Let’s talk about the scenarios that lend themselves to role play research, how to prepare (including recruitment, preparing actors, and executing), and the impact this methodology can bring!
Getting Your Feet Wet: How to Get Established as an Online QRC
by Jeff Walkowski
Don't have any experience doing online? Want to get on the online bandwagon but not sure where to begin? This roundtable ession is for you. Led by Jeff Walkowski, one of the pioneers in the online arena, with over 20 years of online QRC experience.
Inbox Zero: It IS Possible!
by Jay Zaltzman
The book Getting Things Done by David Allen changed my life! I now routinely get to zero items in my inbox and you can, too! During this roundtable, we’ll discuss Allen’s approach to dealing with all the information that comes at us every day and organizing our lives. Bring your laptop and see how you can implement this system, be more productive AND lower your stress levels.
One More Game of Sudoku
by Tom Rich
Having problems with procrastination? Get over yourself-- you're not unique. Come join some of your fellow putter-offers and discuss strategies for doing it now!
What do physicians really think of your qualitative research efforts?
by Jerry Arbittier
Join us for a live, in-depth panel discussion between physicians, SurveyHealthcare and our audience of pharma clients and market research moderators on their experiences, preferences, and suggestions to improve qualitative methodologies in the healthcare space. What works? What doesn't work? What are the constraints? SurveyHealthcare will share tidbits from a recent large-scale study that will inspire a lively discussion around this topic for all attendees. Bring your best practices and questions to keep the conversation going!
Tighten, brighten and sharpen your reports: Tips for increasing clarity by streamlining your writing
by Maria Virobik
Poor writing habits can result in wordy, complicated reports that are a struggle to write and read. Join your fellow QRCs to share your own challenges and discuss tips from journalism and other writing disciplines that can help create reports that say more by saying less.
Difficult Recruits
by Kelly Heatly
DIY recruiting, referral/snowball recruiting, and other tips for using a professional recruiter
Finding the Sweet Spot
by Jennifer Dale
With so many qual research solutions to choose from, how do we decide which will best address the client’s objective? Online or offline? Real-time or extended? Video or text? Share how you approach research design, learn how others tackle the challenge, and discuss how to improve the process. Come away with fresh ideas for your next research proposal!
Improving Your Research
by Missy Carvin
Improv exercises and tips to help you think faster on your feet

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