Call for Presenters – 2019 QRCA Annual Conference

Jan 30-Feb 1, 2019
Hyatt Regency Savannah 
Savannah, GA USA

Call for Proposals



The conference hotel is located right on the water and was the inspiration for the conference theme “Charting Your Best Course”. This conference is for both seasoned researchers to continue on their best path and refine their skills, as well as for newer researchers who are navigating the research waters for the first time. Whether their boat is sailing on smooth waters, navigating in the dark using just the stars, or hitting some choppy seas, this conference will help Qualitative Researchers set their best course and move in the right direction.


June 4
Deadline for submitting session proposal for 2019 QRCA Annual Conference

July 25
Notification of speaker selection

August 10
Materials materials due to speaker team (brief bio, outline of session, one marketing content piece, etc.)

November 8
Draft of presentation due to speaker team

December 14
Full copy of final presentation due


  • Ability to present ideas and receive lively discussion in return
  • Prestige of presenting to a highly qualified and interested audience of professionals
  • Networking opportunities
  • One free admission per session (can be split by co-presenters)
  • Spending time in beautiful Savannah, GA while much of the country is deep in wintery cold weather

Thank you for your interest in the Qualitative Research Consultants Association and the 2019 Annual Conference.
For additional information or to suggest a topic or speaker, please email

2019 QRCA Conference Committee Chairs
Sidney Clewe and Anya Zadrozny

You can make the 2019 QRCA Conference the most relevant and valuable conference for qualitative market researchers.

Join us in creating the ultimate conference experience by submitting a proposal today!


During the 2019 QRCA Annual Conference, we will focus on refinement and success. The goal for this conference's content is to arm attendees with tools to chart their best course within qualitative research today, both as researchers and professionals. We are seeking high quality, cutting-edge content from the best in the industry, with an emphasis on practical methodologies, techniques, technologies, advice and insights that attendees can put into practice immediately.

Knowing something conceptually versus putting it into practice can be different. For the 2019 QRCA Conference, we want to add an extra dose of “DO” and “HOW TO”. Workshops, real-world examples and engaging, interactive session activities are a perfect fit!

Proposal Topics 2019 Annual QRCA Conference

We are looking for proposals that tackle advanced skills geared towards very experienced Qualitative Researchers, as well as proposals geared towards Qualitative Researchers newer to the industry. Including:

  • How to apply the latest and greatest techniques, tools, and methods
  • How to improve and upgrade reports, debriefs, top lines, proposals, client interactions, analysis, marketing implications, video reports, etc.
  • How to utilize new recruiting methods, best practices for finding the right respondents, and how to keep the wrong respondents out of studies, etc.
  • Running a research business, including effective sales approaches, external marketing, taxes and laws, organization, etc. (whether you are an expert in the field or reporting on your own interviews with experts)
  • Expanding our horizons: input from related fields (e.g. psychology, behavioral science, usability, design, writing, public speaking, PR, journalism, etc.)
  • Incorporating social media, “big data”, data science, mixed methods, mobile qualitative, etc. into our practitioners’ toolbox
  • Inspire us! Have a topic that doesn’t fit above but is relevant to Qualitative Researchers today? Submit it!

Delivery Styles 2019 QRCA Conference

Sessions in which attendees can put their learning into practice immediately will be given precedence.

  • "How-to" sessions that break things down step-by-step
  • Sessions that show attendees real-world case studies - the design, execution and main takeaways.(Precedence will be given to sessions that focus on execution and method, rather than exact findings for a specific client.)
  • Interactive workshops that encourage attendees to pull out their laptops and learn by doing
  • Sessions infused with a sense of fun and energy
  • Have an interactive session idea? Suggest your own presentation style!

You may submit to present for a Speaker Session or lead an informal Round Table discussion.

Speaker sessions will run for 60 minutes.

Round Table discussions will run approximately 60 minutes. (PLEASE NOTE: Registration is NOT included for those leading a Round Table discussion. What is a Round Table Session? Learn more below in the FAQ section.)


Have someone in mind that you know would be an stellar 2019 conference speaker? Forward this page address to them and encourage them to submit!

FAQs 2019 Annual QRCA Conference

Get to Know the Attendees
According to the 2018 conference survey:

  • 77% report their title is CEO/President/Owner/Founder
  • 48% are solo practitioners, 30% work in firms with 2-10 employees and another 22% work in a firm with 11 or more employees
  • 98% view themselves as either the decision maker (90%) or decision influencer (7%) when it comes to the purchase of the market-research related services for their firm
  • 30% have attended 10 or more QRCA conferences, 32% have been to 4-9 conferences and 38% have been to 1-3 conferences

Important: What We're NOT Looking For

  • Presentations about research approaches should include specific practical applications so that attendees can utilize the approach in their own research practices. Presentations that only provide theoretical background are not preferred.
  • Also, if an attendee asks “how do I implement this approach in my own practice,” and the answer is “you have to hire the presenter,” that presentation would NOT be appropriate for this conference.
  • Do not spend a significant amount of time on background information: Attendees are looking for information that is of value to them. Presentations that contain 50 minutes of background information and 10 minutes of new information are NOT appropriate for this conference.

Round Table Discussion

Round Table discussions will run approximately 60 minutes. (PLEASE NOTE: Registration is NOT included for those leading a Round Table discussion.) As a a Round Table host you will facilitate a 60-minute informal discussion of a specific interest to Qualitative Researchers and you in which you, as well as attendees will contribute to the discussion content. It’s a great opportunity to gather different points of view and obtain valuable ideas and advice from colleagues.

Other Submission Guidelines

  • One or more individuals may present, so consider a partner if you feel it will enhance your content and delivery.
  • If your application is approved, you will be assigned a liaison to serve as a sounding board and guide you in the process leading up to the conference. Liaisons are flexible and can offer help in a variety of ways, including working with you on your bio and the description of your session, helping you target your presentation to our members, and giving you candid feedback on your presentation as it evolves.
  • To preserve the educational integrity of the conference, presenters must refrain from using their sessions to promote their products or services. The QRCA conference is a unique environment where qualitative research professionals engage in open dialogue and creative exchange of ideas without commercial content.

Speaker Compensation

  1. QRCA members and qualified non-members receive one complimentary conference registration per presentation session (which can be shared if there are multiple presenters) and are responsible for their travel, hotel and any additional expenses. Complimentary registration is NOT offered for leading Round Table sessions.
  2. In an effort to enhance its recognition internationally and to attract speakers from outside North America, QRCA may offer some limited compensation to speakers traveling from outside the US and Canada.

What if I’m still not sure about submitting an idea?
Help is available -- if you have any questions while you are developing your submission, email them to

Can I suggest a topic or recommend a speaker?
If you do not wish to present at the conference yourself, we encourage you to facilitate a Round Table discussion, or you may suggest a topic or recommend speakers, regardless of whether they are QRCA members or not. Please send your suggestions to

I am not a QRCA member. What information should I know about the organization and about the conference to ensure my topic would be a good fit?
QRCA, the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, is an international organization that promotes excellence in all aspects of qualitative research. Founded in 1983, QRCA is the largest professional organization of qualitative researchers, with nearly 1,000 members in 30 countries.

The mission of the QRCA Annual Conference is to provide superior educational opportunities for members and qualified non-members that will enhance their skills and improve the professionalism of the industry.

More information can be obtained from our website, including videos of conference speakers, archived Qcast webinars, and our quarterly magazine, Views. Our LinkedIn group also has lively discussions on topics of interest to this professional community.


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