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Global Outreach Scholarship

Global Outreach Scholarship

Thank you to all who applied!

Global Outreach Scholarship 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Global Outreach Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations to Rodridgo dos Reis of Brazil and Batakhan Taluy of Turkey who won the 2020 Global Outreach Scholarship for the Annual Conference in Austin, TX.

Are you a qualitative researcher from outside the US, UK or Canada? Are you interested in continuing to grow and develop professionally and personally? Do you want to experience first-hand QRCA’s culture of learning and sharing?

QRCA recognizes it’s not always a level playing field out there. International qualitative researchers may not have the opportunities within their own countries for professional and personal development they’d ideally like to have.

Each year, through the QRCA Global Outreach Scholarship, one international qualitative researcher is offered the opportunity to experience first-hand QRCA’s unique culture of learning and sharing which facilitates continuing personal and professional development.

Introduced in 2008, QRCA's Global Outreach Scholarship is awarded to qualitative researchers from outside the USA, UK or Canada. The Scholarship includes free registration to the QRCA Annual Conference in the US or the Worldwide Conference in Europe, up to $1,000 USD for travel and accommodation expenses, and free membership of QRCA for the year the Scholarship is awarded (provided the recipient is not already a member). The Scholarship is adjudicated and awarded by the Global Outreach Committee, a panel of international QRCA members, and the recipients are chosen from the group of candidates who have submitted completed applications. The award is announced prior to the conference.

Please direct any enquiries about the Scholarship to

Past Global Outreach Scholarship Recipients

Rodrigo dos Reis lives in São Paulo and has more than15 years of experience with several perspectives of market research.

Batukhan Taluy lives in Istanbul, Turkey and is an engineer turned entrepreneur and qualitative researcher.


Shem is a young dynamic and growing researcher with a passion for qualitative research. He has over 4 years’ experience in the qualitative field having started as a research assistant. Over the years, he has gained more knowledge in qualitative research. He currently operates a qualitative research consultancy business providing local agencies and clients, and international clients qualitative research services.

He enjoys sharing and listening to stories from different people. Stories are crucial as they reveal more about people, which is key in qualitative research.

His future career dream is to build a purely qualitative research business that focuses on the entire African continent and nurturing young researchers in the qualitative field. This is inspired by the fact that Africa is adapting to new technologies and international companies are keen in venturing into Africa. Shem holds a degree in Chemistry and has a diploma in Marketing Management.

Mpho Mpfou knows the importance of adapting to change, and years later, market research has become a tool and instrument for her to exact that change.

Not only does Market Research help Mpho help companies build great brands, her research background has given her an opportunity to share her knowledge and empower small businesses with tools to survive in a competitive environment.

Beyond her work with Masutane Consulting in the community, Mpho is working to expand her knowledge to find more innovative, cost effective qualitative solutions to bring more innovation to the African continent.

When not working, Mpho enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and young daughter.

As a child, Monica Dale already was fascinated with understanding the human mind and what drives us to do what we do. As an adult, Monica fell in love with qualitative research and spent many years at Ipsos refining her skills before starting a boutique research company. She is passionate about the value of international research and exchanging international experience, and is excited to bring what she knows to the Conference in order to learn more.

When not at work, Monica loves to spend time with her husband, two sons, and the family dog. She enjoys cooking, reading, and seeing friends in the qualitative community.

Oana Rengle has a lifelong passion for qualitative research, with 17 years of experience. She has been an entrepreneur and business owner since 2004, when she had started the only qual-focused research company on the Romanian market, Anamnesis. Currently she is consulting independently under the Anamnesis brand on qualitative research and strategic insight integration into business.

In 2016 she was a speaker at the QRCA Worldwide Conference in Vienna on the topic of innovation testing with the help of online communities. Later that year her paper “Finding New Stories in Old Data” won “Best Presentation Award” – at the ESOMAR Global Qualitative Research Conference, which was held in November 2016, in Berlin. In addition to being a research practitioner, she is also a certified Idea Generation and Creative Problem Solving processes facilitator, and a psychotherapist practicing Systemic Family Therapy.


Amoné Redelinghuys is a registered research psychologist, who specialises in online qualitative market research. She has experience in managing online insight communities on a variety of topics, ranging from FMCG to financial services. She enjoys interacting with community members and moderating discussions to co-create actionable insights for her clients.

Amoné completed her Master’s Degree in Research Psychology at the North West University in South Africa with distinction in 2013. She has been living in Johannesburg working for Columinate, an online market research company, since that time. At the 2015 SAMRA (South African Market Research Association) annual conference, she won both the best first time speaker and the second best overall paper awards for her paper titled: Comparing mobile and online insights: A qualitative case study.

Her future career plans include becoming a qualitative specialist with knowledge and experience in using a variety of different qualitative methods. She want to further her development as a researcher to become better at gaining insights into consumers’ behaviour and decision making processes to provide clients with actionable insights that they can use to inform their business decisions.

Mokeira is an accomplished researcher with a unique blend of hands-on professional experience and qualifications. She has extensive experience in the design and implementation of research and development initiatives as in usability and user research, as well as in social research and market research projects. Mokeira has provided project management and technical assistance to a wide range of local and international organizations, and has worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa. She has led and directed hundreds of empirical research interviews, discussions, observations, analyses, and co-creation activities for community interventions and solutions in her capacity as a senior research consultant for 12 years. Mokeira is particularly passionate about, and exceptionally skilled and talented in qualitative research which makes up the bulk of the kind of research she has done and continues to do to date.

Since 2003, Mokeira has worked for three leading research agencies and research-centric organizations providing specialized research expertise to a wide range of governmental as well as non-governmental, donor, and private sector programs, alongside regular technical advisory inputs. She is passionate about the potential and impact of well-designed and executed qualitative research for development initiatives in Africa. Taking on increasing levels of seniority and portfolio responsibility in her roles, Mokeira has established a reputation as a skilled qualitative researcher, an excellent communicator, and an experienced community solutions developer. In April 2013 she co-founded Research PLUS Africa, a specialized research agency which provides critical research support to various organizations seeking to tap into the research industry in Africa. At Research PLUS Mokeira doubles up as CEO and Head of Qualitative Research. During her career she has also contributed significantly to mentoring and nurturing young research talent more so in qualitative research. She is delighted to be participating in the 2015 QRCA conference and is confident that the experience will provide her with further knowledge and insights that will contribute significantly to her continuing qualitative research advocacy, mentoring, and coaching activities in Africa. Mokeira holds a Master of Research in Educational and Social Research from the University of London.


Misha is a post-graduate in Psychology from Delhi University with a specialization in Organizational Behaviour. She had two early loves: reading (focusing on literature from the Victorian era and the early 20th century — the Bloomsbury group especially) and analyzing the vagaries of the human mind. A post-graduate in Psychology further helped to stoke these interests — you appreciate stories and character development better when you understand Psychology. Although human resources as a career was an obvious choice, she shied away from it given the “boredom” of it and fell into qualitative research “accidentally” during a campus recruitment. When the folks from Vox Populi Research visited the campus, they drew some great connections between the theoretical models in psychology and their use in helping companies make better brand decisions. Misha was intrigued to learn about the early contribution of psychologists like Dichter to the growth of marketing. While reading up on the field, she could see how intrinsic Psychology was to the field. She has spent two happy years at Vox Populi Research, Delhi, India. Over these years, she has come to appreciate the contribution of psychology to MR even more, especially considering how complex and often contradictory a market India is due to the presence of different cultures and people from varied economic strata.

Andrea has always been very curious and “investigative”; no wonder she chose studying journalism at the university. She has a degree in communications — journalism — and has also studied English philology. She found out about — and fell in love with — qualitative research in Barcelona, Spain, during her post-graduate studies in Qualitative Trends Research seven years ago.

She first heard about QRCA at a New Qual course she took early in 2014 in São Paulo. The teachers talked not only about QRCA, but also about the conference. She was interested immediately. The qual research market is still developing in Brazil so it is difficult to locate other researchers with whom she can exchange ideas.


Jorge has been a researcher for four years and his current role as a Senior Research Executive – Innovations at Mercadeo Planificado involves both quantitative and qualitative research studies. He faces ongoing challenges promoting the benefits of qualitative research in Central America as this is a region relatively new to using market research and the primary focus is on gathering empirical knowledge. Expenditure on qualitative research is often seen by clients as unnecessary and they are skeptical of its value. It is Jorge’s aim to shift that paradigm. He believes that "QRCA champions the promotion of excellence in qualitative research. It is one of the few places where the experience and expertise of others nurtures the search of the rest of us for the best way to impact our clients.” He is passionate about expanding his horizons and bringing new ideas and practices to a region that is thirsty for knowledge and insights and he is eagerly looking forward to the opportunities to learn and share with colleagues at the San Diego Conference.

Pablo has been active in the research industry for 17 years and his current role is Director of Innovation and New Research Solutions Design at DatosClaros. He describes himself as a "committed and passionate multicultural marketing research practitioner with a strong track record of conducting qualitative and ethnographic projects in almost all countries of Latin America”. One of the main reasons he applied for the QRCA Scholarship is to help achieve a career goal that is very dear to his heart – to design and manage a graduate programme on qualitative and ethnographic research in Latin America, where young researchers can learn and enhance their capabilities as consultants. He expresses a strong desire to be an active Ambassador for QRCA in South America and is eager to help QRCA develop in that region. His expectations of the San Diego conference are that he will be able to strengthen his professional networks, learn from the best of the best in the industry and update his knowledge of new approaches, tools and techniques. He plans on sharing key takeaways from the conference with other researchers through his involvement with some very active social media communities of Spanish and English speaking researchers.

At the time of applying, Angie had been a qualitative moderator and analyst with NODO Market Consulting for around 3½ years. She has a psychology and therapist background prior to this, having worked with troubled children and victims of domestic violence.


She is very empathetic and clearly cares about people and is refreshingly frank about where she stands now and where she wants to be. She says that every day is still full of surprises, always providing opportunities to discover something new and exciting.


"I find my job gives me a sense of connection with people that touches my soul, my character, my being in every way”. She feels the QRCA conference will provide an invaluable opportunity for her to "consolidate skills” and she is "hungry for inspiration”.

Jurie is fascinated by human behavior and describes himself as "cross-culturally curious”. After having started his career as a researcher with Research International he realized that market research was where he belonged. Since that time he has had great exposure to the challenges of being a researcher in sub-Sarahan Africa, having to deal with cultural suspicion and mistrust of the research process, along with no venues, recruitment houses and often no electricity or running water. At the time of applying, Jurie was running his own company, a research consultancy specialising in cross-cultural work in emerging markets. He described the programme for Montreal as "jaw-dropping” and felt that the QRCA conference would be an "inspiring experience to share and learn from my peers over the world … to better myself and my methods in dealing with emerging markets."

At the time of applying, Victoria had been running her own qualitative freelance agency for just over a year and had worked in the industry for over 10 years.

She is passionate about continuing to learn and as an active volunteer within the Market Research Society in Australia she was looking to bring global learnings back to the industry locally, and is committed to exposing younger and independent researchers to newer and more innovative techniques.

She felt that coming to the QRCA conference in Las Vegas would be a great way for her to tap into the shared experiences of a wide network of researchers, hear what people at the forefront of the industry have to say and find out what they are doing.

At the time of applying, Hana had been working in qualitative research for just over a year, and in her role as Project Executive was involved in moderation of groups and IDIs, ethnography, analysis, report writing and video editing (for which she discovered a talent). While her role involves projects within different European countries, she was also eager to learn more about the US and other international markets which are more developed than The Czech Republic. As well as wanting to develop her own skills and absorb new thinking, Hana was looking to bring that knowledge and experience back to her own company and help the Czech business world adjust to new markets.

Sophie has a strong academic background, with Masters degrees (Hons) in Multilingual Business Communication at Ghent University, American Studies at the University of Antwerp and Political Science at Ghent University. At the time of applying, she was employed as a Project Manager/Moderator and Analyst with InSites Consulting, and was particularly interested in online ethnographic research and social media nethography. Without the support of the QRCA Scholarship it would not have been possible for Sophie to come to the QRCA conference and she was eagerly looking forward to coming to Philadelphia. She said it would be "one of the most exciting experiences of the year" for her.

After growing up in a small rural town at the very bottom of New Zealand's South Island, and completing her academic studies at Otago University in Dunedin, Ngaia moved to the North Island and at the time of applying was working as Qualitative Research Manager at Needscope International/Focus Research in New Zealand's largest city, Auckland. She was also serving as a Committee Member for the Market Research Society of New Zealand. Although Ngaia had travelled overseas to Australia, this was her first visit to the USA, and she was very much looking forward to meeting everyone at the QRCA Annual Conference in Palm Springs.

Luiz said he always had a keen interest in human behaviour and specialised in Sociology in Grad School. At the time of applying for the Scholarship, he was Senior Marketing Research Analyst for Direkt Marketing Direto in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He was particularly keen to come to the QRCA conference so he could expand his professional network, increase his knowledge of new tools and methods, as well as add to his resume. The economic climate in Brazil meant that it was nearly impossible for someone of Luiz's age and experience to afford the costs of coming to the QRCA conference in Fort Lauderdale. Although he had lived and worked in many cities in Brazil, and spent some time in Canada in order to improve his English language skills, this was his first trip to the USA.

The 2021 Annual Conference Global Outreach Scholarship recipient will receive:

  • Free conference registration to attend the QRCA Annual Conference on Qualitative Research, February 1-5, 2021 .
  • Travel and accommodation expenses associated with attending the conference, up to a total of US $1,000.
  • Free membership of QRCA for the remainder of the 2021 membership year.

Closing date for all applications was Wednesday, September 9, 2020. All applications must be received, in electronic form (either by email to or uploaded using the upload function below), no later than midnight (CDT) on this date. Applications must be complete and received by the deadline to be considered. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. The recipients of the QRCA Global Outreach Scholarships will be notified by October 9, 2020.

Please direct any enquiries about the Scholarship to Arzu Alimohd at

Global Outreach Scholarship


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