QRCA Advance Progam – Adding Points from Non-QRCA Programs
Advance Program

Adding Points from Non-QRCA Programs

QRCA Advance is the best way to demonstrate to peers and clients your commitment to participating, learning, and advancing in the ever-changing world of qualitative research. Whether you are new to the world of qualitative or a seasoned veteran, there’s value to showing your commitment to qualitative research through QRCA Advance. While points you earn for QRCA events automatically accrue, non-QRCA events that are relevant specifically qualitative research are also eligible to count towards Advance status.  Please fill out the form to apply for Advance points for non-QRCA events.

If you have questions, please contact advanceassistant@qrca.org for assistance or further information.


Points Awarded

Multi-day conference or training – sole qualitative focus (i.e. ESOMAR Qual, RIVA)


Multi-day conference or training – broad focus (i.e. IIEX, PMRG)


Present qualitative topic at a non-QRCA event or author an article about qualitative for another publication


Single-day conference, chapter meeting or training


Virtual meeting or webinar (not including those put on by vendors for the purposes of sales such as software demos)


QRCA Advance is not, nor intended to be, a continuing education program or certification program and does not operate as such. QRCA Advance is a recognition program designed to recognize members committed to leading the organization forward.

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