Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
    Lisa Horwich, Fiona Ray

    The purpose of the B2B SIG is to promote and educate QRCA members about business-to-business (B2B) qualitative research, educate other QRCA members about the differences and unique challenges afforded by B2B research as compared to traditional consumer (B2C) research and offer a forum to exchange best practices around conducting B2B research.
  • Business Development SIG
    Marta Villanueva, Cheryl Stella Dalisay
    The purpose of this SIG is to develop better tools and skills around business development for QRCA members to grow their practice.
  • Creativity+Ideation SIG
    Karen Lynch, Missy Carvin
    The purpose of the Creativity +Ideation SIG is to develop better tools and skills around creativity and ideation for QRCA members to offer their clients.
  • Ethnography SIG
    Eva Caspary, Isabel Aneyba, Meagan Morgan
    The purpose of the Ethnography SIG is to provide a platform for QRCA members to learn about ethnography and improve the practices of ethnography; to develop guidelines for QRCA members conducting ethnographic research; to exchange current ethnography practices and techniques; to educate others concerning the differences between ethnography and other methodologies.
  • Multicultural SIG
    Susanna Fránek
    , Reyna Hogagen
    The purpose of the Multicultural SIG is to be more inclusive by creating collaborative crosscultural intelligence and camaraderie among researchers working within multicultural communities in the U.S., or doing research in Latin America, including Brazil. The goal is to expand our knowledge base through informal discussions and formal presentations, and to create networking opportunities across segments among fellow researchers. We’ll learn from each other, and in the process pass along our knowledge to help clients become more culturally informed.  
  • Online SIG
    Amy Savin, Regina Szyszkiewicz, Cheryl Stella Dalisay
    The purpose of the Online SIG is to provide a home for QRCA members who are already online qualitative research specialists or are interested in expanding their online research services, so that members can continually learn from one another, stay current with evolving technologies, and address the challenges and opportunities that are unique to working online.
  • Pharma/Healthcare SIG
    Colleen Welsh-Allen, Sharon Laukuff
    The Pharma/Healthcare SIG is dedicated to keeping interested QRCs abreast of issues within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries that may be of interest to them. The SIG will provide a forum for QRCs to discuss and brainstorm techniques and methodologies that lend themselves well to qualitative pharmaceutical/healthcare research
  • Reporting & Analysis SIG 
    Maria Virobik, Lorie Poe

    The Reporting & Analysis SIG will focus on tips, techniques, and new trends that can make the writing process easier, and the final product the most valuable to their end client.
  • Social Media Research SIG
    Geana Demone, Jennifer Dale

    The Social Media Research SIG (SMR SIG) will support QRCA members interested in expanding their education and skills in this new and rapidly changing field. The specific direction of the group will be determined by the members’ interests and skill sets. Potential subject areas include learning about new social media listening platforms, participating in a listening case study, and expanding qualitative social media engagement practices.
  • UX SIG
    Russ Edwards, Mary Sorber

    The UX SIG will serve as a space for qualitative researchers already working in the field of user experience (UX), or those interested in expanding their skills in this growing discipline. We will build bridges between user experience research and market research by sharing resources,  information, and perspectives. Additionally, members can connect to discuss successes and  challenges as well as offer feedback and encouragement. Organized events, such as webinars and meetings, will provide opportunities for learning about specific UX topics and networking with other members.
  • Young Professionals SIG
    Marilisa Beatty, Kristin Schultz
    The purpose in the formation of the Young Professionals SIG is to provide a platform for this exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as provide an opportunity for "younger” QRC’s to benefit from the profession and life lessons learned by those with many years of experience in the industry.

Interested in forming a new Special Interest Group? Download the Special Interest Group Policy form.

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