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Submissions for the 2019 Qually Award are now closed.

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2019 RFP

Key Dates:

July 15, 208 – Q&A Due
July 31, 2018– Q&A Published
August 1, 2018 – Open for submissions
October 15, 2018 – All submissions due
November 1, 2018– Finalists announced
January 2019 – Final Presentations at QRCA Annual Conference

Project Background

Recently there’s been a rising trend in health and wellness – from studios and gyms to apparel and even supplements and of course fad diets, it’s COOL to be fit these days. People are finding #inspo everywhere they turn as they “chart their way” to their best selves (...see what we did there?!) ;) One place in particular, The Qually Studio, needs your help. Through data analysis, they’ve uncovered a potential opportunity for growth among a core segment of their customer base. Basically, the people who visit the gym the MOST are purchasing from their retail store the LEAST. The quantitative segmentation study results showed that the Gym Rats visit the Qually Studio 7x more often than the ImaGYMers, yet the ImaGYMers spend twice as much money at the register over the course of 12 months. What gives? Or more literally, WHY do the ImaGYMers give The Qually Studio all the cash; how can the Qually Studio earn more share of the Gym Rats’ wallet?

NOTE: While The Qually Studio is a nationwide, franchised gym, they are far from being the big dogs. Corporate is footing the bill through franchise fees since the segmentation was applicable for all locations. Basically, ensure your methodology can be supported by a healthy budget, but not outrageous. You will NOT include a cost proposal with your submission


  1. Learn the differences between the Gym Rats and the ImaGYMers that influence how they spend their dollars at The Qually Studio
  2. Optimize the retail experience by uncovering the pain points (including uncovering key products to start carrying and stop stocking)
  3. Develop retention strategies for long-term retail store financial success

Question Considerations

  • What are the Gym Rats’ perceptions of both The Qually Studio and the products they carry?
  • What products are purchased to support the Gym Rats’ gym workouts?
  • What is the motivation for purchasing from The Qually Studio versus somewhere else for both the Gym Rats and the ImaGYMers?

The Audiences

Assume you’ll be recruiting from a client-supplied list for your project.

  • GYM RATS: Visit the gym practically every day (on average 20-30 times each month), have auto-renewable annual memberships and enjoy the physical aspect of working out along with the social atmosphere. They make up 35% of the total gym population.
  • ImaGYMers: Visit the gym only 3-4 times per month with unknown additional physical activity stats. They pay drop in rates rather than memberships and are typically more affluent. Most appreciate the community atmosphere (when they visit it’s often for classes versus independent workouts). It’s estimated they make up about 25% of the total gym population and are more likely to be women

Submission Considerations

  • Your proposal should include a cover page WITH an appropriate title aligned with your approach and methodology. Total page count = 8 pages (1 cover + 7 support) and should be submitted as a PDF.
  • Allow yourself 3 months for fielding research from kick-off to final presentation, but no need to supply a formal timeline in your proposal.
  • Do not include costs in your proposal.
  • The three Finalists will be chosen using an objective voting system and ALL proposals are reviewed anonymously. Do not include any PII for yourself or your company in the actual proposal (i.e. no “about us” or background section).
  • Finalists will have their submissions posted for public view on the QRCA website and will be given the opportunity to present their proposal at the 2019 QRCA Annual Conference in Savannah, GA. By submitting to the RFP, you agree to allow us to post your submission if you are identified as one of the finalists. (A conference discount is extended to the three finalists to encourage attendance.)
  • Official submission period will be from August 1 - October 15, 2018 @ midnight Pacific Time.

The Rules

  • All participants must be in good standing of the QRCA (i.e. active members only)
  • Submissions can be individual or as a team of two. However, members can only submit ONCE. You cannot submit proposals as both an individual AND as a team.
  • Proposals should focus on QUALITATIVE RESEARCH SOLUTIONS only.
  • Members of The Qually Award committee and judging team are disqualified from participating.
  • These rules may be amended at any time and a public notice will be made if changes are needed.

Proposal Evaluations

An objective team of Quallies review the anonymous proposals and the finalists are chosen using a scoring system to rate the following considerations:

  • Relevance
  • Methodology
  • Logic
  • Creativity
  • Style & Presentation

The top three finalists receive:

  • ½ off 2019 QRCA Annual Conference registration fees
  • Recognition on QRCA’s website
  • 15-minute speaking engagement to present proposal

2019 Qually Award Winner receives:

  • $1,000 cash prize
  • Trophy
  • QRCA recognition on website and in publications
  • Bragging rights

Review Committee

  • Jay Zaltman – 2017-2018 QRCA President
  • Kathy Doyle – 2018 board liaison 
  • Tory Gentes – 2017 Qually Award Winner and 2018 Qually Award Co-Chair
  • Kristin Schultz – 2017-2019 YPG Committee Co-Chair
  • Lauren McCrae – 2018 Qually Award Winner
  • Nicole Alelong – 2018 Qually Award Winner
  • Pam Goldfarb Liss – 2019 board liaison 
  • Mark Sumpter – 2018 Annual Conference Co-Chair, 2014-2015 QRCA President
  • Kayte Hamilton – 2017 Qually Award Co-Chair, 2018 Qually Award Chair
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