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Sponsor Discounts

These discounts are for QRCA members only, and are provided by our conference sponsors as a year-round benefit to members. We are grateful to our sponsors for their ongoing support of QRCA and our members. Using these discounts can more than pay for your membership!


Babbletype - Market Research Transcription

Babbletype has a sliding price scale based on audio volume sent to us for text in return. The more you have, the lower your per minute costs. As a member of QRCA we automatically slide you to the 20+ hours column. Pricing per minute of an interview would be $1.85, or $111 per hour of sound. If you have more volume, your costs would continue to fall.

Member Discount: 20+ hours volume discount rate with any size order

Contact Angela Wood at to place an order with your member discount.

EurekaFacts LLC

EurekaFacts LLC

Welcome all new clients! Receive a 50% discount on your first day of facility rental when booking facility and recruitment services. Please use promotion code QRCA2015 when booking your project online or over the phone.

Member Discount: 50% Off Facility Rental Fee

Contact Marguerite McGinnes at to rent a facility with your member discount.



Focus on the research. We'll do the rest. Fieldwork has been a leader in world-class marketing research services and facilities for over 30 years. As market research has expanded from the standard focus group to incorporate other methodologies and technologies, Fieldwork has expanded with it. We have 16 state-of-the art facilities across the US, a multi-market project management team that covers the globe, and recruiting capabilities for any type of project in any location. We offer solutions and support for online research, ethnographic research, usability research, convention research and focus groups. Fieldwork provides a 5% discount on facility and recruiting fees at our 16 state-of-the-art-facilities and virtual facility to all QRCA members.

Member Discount: 5% off recruiting and facility

Contact Aryn ODonnell at to receive your member discount.

Training Discounts

These discounts are for QRCA members only, and are provided to members to further the number of educational opportunities and to save you money. 


Burke Institute

Keep your qualitative skills and knowledge up-to-date with the latest industry developments by attending qualitative seminars that reinforce and enhance your core moderating skills or supplement them with advanced specialized techniques and the latest information on social media, online communities and virtual research platforms.

There are 12 additional quantitative seminars to choose from, including entry level foundation courses to advanced analytical programs.


Discount: QRCA members receive a discount based on the number they attend during a 12-month period:

  • 15% discount for the first
  • 20% discount for the second
  • 25% discount for seminars 3+
Promotional code (use when registering): QRCAMEMBER
Focus Institute

Clients Pay For Results

Get advanced techniques to supercharge your skills and help your clients unearth the gems that will make their brands sparkle.

Designed and led by Master Moderator Dr. Sharon Livingston, who will teach you approaches to get the results your clients want and need – the real reasons people buy and how to leverage them in marketing.

  • Psychological Techniques
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Myers Briggs MBTI
  • Snow White Theory of Group Dynamics
  • NLP
  • Psychodrama
  • Hypnosis

Sell more projects. Get rave reviews, and have more fun at work!

Contact: Call (603) 537-0775 or email

Discount: 10% Discount to QRCA members

Learning Connect

The LearningConnect® Training Program: Engaging, Effective, Certifiable

LearningConnect has enabled thousands at Fortune 500 companies to harness the power of team-based learning for truly transformative research. Now it’s your turn. Our three-level Facilitator Training Program focuses on practical aspects of this immersive approach. Build Skills with:

  • IdeaConnect’s unique graphic templates
  • Team alignment and focus
  • Visuals and storytelling
  • Qualitative data collection
  • Illuminating, action-oriented analysis.

An ideal way to enhance business decision-making for product development, marketing communication – anything requiring meaningful input from customers

  • LCF 100 Level – Fundamentals of LearningConnect®
  • LCF 200 Level – Advanced LearningConnect® Principles & Practice
  • LCF 300 Level – Independent Field-Based Practice

Contact: (919) 363-7562 or Details at

Discount: 10% discount to QRCA Members

Mod Training

Online Moderator Training

Moderating online focus groups requires all of your traditional QRC skills, plus many others. Build your confidence as an online moderator by getting training before you conduct your first online focus group. Our training programs focus on text-based online methods (message boards and real-time chats) – the most challenging online moderating opportunities. Choose from several training program options to fit your timing requirements and skill level. No travel is required, and the experience is intense, yet fun. Learn from Casey Sweet and Jeff Walkowski – recognized experts in online moderating.


Discount: QRCA members receive $150 off any single course

On Your Mark

On Your Mark Research

On Your Mark, experts on female consumers, offers training programs to eliminate expensive guesswork around qualitative research. We provide knowledge and tools needed to effectively conduct research, interpret insights and share results. From Intro and Advanced Moderating, to Effective Narrative Development and more, there’s an OYM program to sharpen your skills.

We'll share trade secrets learned over 18 years, and offer post-training support to ensure you're armed and ready. It's information that can be put to use immediately and with confidence. And our experienced trainers make the process fun. Best of all, it takes place in cool, rocking Austin, TX.


Discount: 15% discount to QRCA Members


RIVA Training Institute

RIVA Training Institute, which is known as the "gold standard” for qualitative training, offers 13 courses, workshops, and seminars as well as individual coaching packages for qualified researchers. Those offerings meet the needs of those new to the research field as well as those that are seasoned.

Contact: | | (301) 770-6456

Discount: QRCA members get discounted rates:

  • 15% off any public course (open to anyone in the market research industry)
  • 20% off any course offered only to QRCA members (everyone in the class is a QRCA member)

Promotional code: Use RIVA2011QRCA when registering

Synecticsworld Logo

Synecticsworld Discount

Over the course of this five-day program, participants will explore the dynamics of innovation and teamwork. In addition, through a series of interactive exercises, each participant will learn skills to assist them in leading groups to innovative solutions. As the week progresses, you will build upon the skills learned and hone the techniques and behaviors necessary to run a creative problem solving session based on the Synectics Creative Problem Solving Model and lead a meeting with an outside client group with real time coaching from a Synecticsworld consultant. For more information please visit:

Member Discount: 15%
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